How much can one d-man help.....?

June 29 2010 at 2:41 PM
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Response to Draft

Marincin is the real deal...
(lets hope he does not change his mind, although the Oilers
may get the Oil Kings to trade for his rights so he can play in their own backyard)

Torbohm and Bidlevksi have proven they are not good enough for this league, the jury is still out on Gibb and McDonald, but Forsberg should be better,( any rookies coming in should not be expected to contribute as much as Jesse last year and Clark cut Jesse's ice time as year wore on and Jesse suffered a season ending injury so depth and lack of size of previous draft picks and list defensemen will be a huge issue )

So in reality this teams defense has:

Marincin 18, Gibb 18, McDonald 18, Forsberg 17 -- a 19y old Bidlevksi and a 20yr old Torbohm who have proven they are not good enough to be shut down D in the WHL--
and a bunch of rookie draft picks, and list players, who either wont report(university), are too small, or just not good enough....

Marincin better be able to play 40 minutes a game or the Cougars better find some veteran WHL defenseman. If not the puck is never going to get out of our end except to be dropped at centre ice after a goal against.

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