August 30 2011 at 5:53 PM
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Didn't get to see near enough of what I believe to be the best potential camp in our history here. What I did see has been said many times already. If Tkatch and Fontaine don't make this team...it is a truly unjust world AND we are going to be really good. To add to this dynamic duo ... Odgers was just fantastic with them and should get a good long look too. This trio reminds me of the Baum, Glover, Falloon trio except that Fontaine is just a total treat to watch ALL the time. The kid is all heart and skills galore...filled out a bit too while he is still puny by NHL standards. Jake Mykitiuk is a more mini Fontaine but appears to be a really smart and skilled player too. With all these mini studs flying around I was hoping to see Dawes stick around but not sure if he can...should be great next year though. On defense a couple of our vets could be seriously pushed for time on the ice. McNulty looked great in the young guns game...really dominant. Carvahlo could be Chartier-ish if he works hard ALL the time. Phaneuf was solid and Grewal appears to be a lot stronger this year. Lots of defensemen still around so the vets will have to really show that they want to be here. In goal, I thought Fordyce was looking great but Santos got lit up like a Christmas tree in the young guns game (oh that Fontaine, Tkatch, Odgers line was unreal!). Others are clearly not ready at this time but showed some great potential. I don't know who can possibly challenge Owlsley to start BUT if we can get the backup 20-25 games...that would be spectacular.

Looking forward to some pre-season results and the other entertainment to follow. In the circles I have come into lately. You just have to bring up the Cougars and people do want to discuss. There is a very rare cautious optimism brewing...something most of this town has been completely unwilling to embrace...and justifiably so I might at...but you can't take the love of this game out of this town...it has been, is, and always will be there ready, willing, and able to embrace any truly honest effort to build a respectable, consistently competitive organization. Are we really "getting there" yet?

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