October 16 2011 at 7:52 AM
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Response to Re: LOT'S OF "WOW'S" THIS YEAR...

Every one here knows your MO...You so rarely, if EVER, come on here when they have made real progress. You only show your face (and ALWAYS negative opinions) when they are in a slump, or injury ridden. I will repeat what I believe to be true, if you think they should be anything even close to a contender, as you intimated, with the line up they have (more importantly, what they don't have in Inglis, Forsberg, and a couple of other key missing components, at this time then you just don't have a clue. And if you do understand the state of this truly rebuilding team then shame on you for being so hyper critical...they really don't deserve it as they have be competitive in almost EVERY game played this year. As for Dallas' performance...you can't make Chicken Cordon Bleu with chicken@^$&. Prior to the upgrades to the scouting staff, the new recruits coming here were...below-average (to be kind) and, to be fair, he was learning a very complex new job at an extremely young age. Not making excuses because, in the end, it is a performance based business and the team's performance in the last decade is pretty poor. That being said, it could have been worse from my viewpoint. Considering we are "stuck" with this family bu...period...I have chosen to look at the highlights...

1) Considering the past reputation built by the predecessors, the marketing and salesmanship of the organization has been strong in my opinion. It is a long, slow swim upstream in a community like PG when you make a lot of serious gaffes.

2) The team is fun to watch these days and hold buckets of promises based on the organizations ability to scout well, promote effectively, and sigh the key players early and often. This was a HUGE weakness 10 years ago that appear to have been overcome.

3) Again, my opinion, but the coaching is stable, above average, and worthy of the players and their family's respect...again, a significant change from the Dumpsey years and the following "turnstile" (go cheap) years.

Of course they need to get better. The vast majority of teams' records that start a season with a very young, injured roster with 8 of ten on the road and multiple thousands of kms in between would look like they need a lot of improvement...that's about the toughest way to start a year possible...IMO. Good on them for winning when they did and COMPETING HARD on almost EVERY night. Some teams are simply one or two years ahead of them in the cycle of major junior hockey and the best they can do (and did I believe) is let everyone they play know that they will be in a "catfight" when they play the Cougars.


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