February 5 2012 at 6:29 AM
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Response to What an abomination this team is...

but it shouldn't surprise anyone that you would come here and puke negative despite not even being in attendance. To call a team of this age grouping and experience level an "abomination" only reinforces your already stellar ignorance and negativity level...again...certainly no shock to these readers. If you were there you might have noted that the game was not nearly as one sided as the shot clock indicated. No doubt we were out played (especially in the offensive finish department) but the compete level of this team was right there on both of these nights.

I think next year we will be a much tougher team overall and really be able to take the "legal" physicality (and "illegal" as well) to a much higher level than we have seen in many we are going to be tough SOB's to play against.

Was really impressed with Grewal last night. He has "sprouted" dramatically even since camp and looked very comfortable and solid out there. McNulty also more than held his own in the last couple of nights. Of course they will make mistakes...they are not even regular members of this team yet...but all the real WHL experience they gain this year should pay off superior dividends next year when this team should be, has to be, better be...much improved.

It has been, and will continue to be entertaining to the hockey fan that can appreciate very young, over-matched hockey players develop character and attitude right before your very eyes. A player like Mykitiuk, while almost always over-matched physically, continues to battle with reckless abandon and ferociousness that belies his diminutive size. I picture him possibly becoming a very effective player like McColgan or Chikie in the future and am looking forward to him grow figuratively and physically this summer.

No harm no foul with the loss by the way...all the teams we are chasing lost too. happy.gif


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