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Whats up with this management

March 25 2005 at 10:04 PM
mymilkshakebringsalltheboystotheyard  (no login)

personally i dont think they should trade/deal bubba...i think he bring in alot fo fans, i mean maybe he has his offs and ons, but hes one of the people keeping the fans coming, hes got size and hes pretty good for defence you havta admit, although he does have some attitude problems...i think they should keep him...i dont know whats happening to this team, if i owned it, i sure as heck would not of traded filly, aspenlind, pogge, yeo or lucas...and obviously i would have done things differently than management...they dont know what there doing, its hockey not some joke, they need to get themselves together and think of the team. im telling u ill win the lottery one day and ill buy out the team and change things and make this team worth watching....arent they emberessed!! look at how the fans have dropped and yet they raise ticket prices, quit being so cheep and get yourself a team, sooner or later there gunna be stuck with all 16/17 year olds

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Jumbo Elliot
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Re: Whats up with this management

March 26 2005, 10:34 PM 

It is a must to get rid of all bad attitudes. TEAM FIRST!

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