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Coogs 06-07 camp round-up

August 27 2006 at 9:57 AM
Mr Peabody  (no login)

for all intensive purposes this year seemed to be a go thru the motions mentallity. I cant say there was a standout new prospect that we have not seen b4. Most of the vets all had there momemts here and there. With the large group of cages their was not be any real intensity shown. Not too many hits, the odd scrap, like I said going thru the motions.

Not sure how the 20's will shake out. Robertson and Walker seem to be 2, Hunter is a variable for now, question is do you keep 3 20 y/o forwards. Bowles (and Cyr) both looked ok, does this team need a 20y/o tender? Cant really gage from the camp. Same with Cooper.

My picks for new (what a stretch)

Bowles, Cyr

Cooper, Wishart, Sagert, Dudas, Mihalik, Patterson, VanDuynhoven, Vrana, Redden. This list would lead you to believe Cooper can be moved as well. Dont think Redden will stick because of numbers, but Patty, Vrana are not for sures.

Hunter, Walker, Robertson, Drazenovic, Gardner, Gendur, Meaver, Fuller, Tyrrel, Hunt. I havent loved Belich, no one else had really "come to play" in my eyes. Hunt looked pretty tired last night. Leaves the numbers situation a little short up front. I would think 3 very good experienced lines, 2 scoring and one checking.

Any more thoughts out there?

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Some thoughts......

August 27 2006, 3:05 PM 

I don't know what teams out there are looking for a starting goalie and with Bowles being 20 yrs old it might be a bit more difficult trying to trade him. Either way they go it probably won't matter much, although I think I like Bowles a bit better than Cyr. Obviously the 20 yr old limit could decide this situation.

With Cooper the Cougs have a very, very solid 5 D-men. That could be the reason he is dealt or released. Without Cooper the Cats can look to Sagert, Wishart, Mihalik and Dudas to log a majority of the ice-time on the blueline this year. Vanduynhoven should see more playing time this year and could fit nicely in the 5th or 6th spot on the blueline. As far as the euro Vrana goes, I haven't really noticed him too much in camp and while that may be a good thing at times, I think the jury is still out on him. Patterson will probably be kept around as a depth guy, in case of injuries and will probably be the 7th or 8th guy on most nights. I don't believe Redden will make this team and unfortunately that will probably mean end of the road for him with the Cougars organization. A few guys like Trevor Bauer and Terrence Jorgenson probably have a better shot at making the team this year. Another D-man could be brought in when one of the goalies are traded.

Up front it's a no brainer if Eric Hunter is returned to junior hockey by the NYR he will be a Cougar and one of our 20 yr olds. Jared Walker and Brett Robertson will battle for spots as one of the three 20 yr old players and one of them will probably be gone if Hunter returns for his 5th season. Other returning players are Drazenovic, Fuller, Gardner, Gendur, Tyrell, Rai and Meaver. Obviously 2005 1st round Bantam pick Dale Hunt will be in a Cougars uniform this season and looks to be one of the better 16 yr olds we've seen this way in a while. As far as the newcomers up front go, like I said, Hunt will be here for sure and a few guys like Matt Belich and Randall Groot have also looked decent. Scott Day could be a possibility as well? Look for a trade or two to shore up the depth at forward and a guy like Meaver could be released or traded for an upgrade/youth.

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Handy Wipe
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Belich..may be gone?????

August 27 2006, 8:47 PM 

I saw him carry out his gear after the game today, I dont what that means exactly?

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Two more thoughts.....

August 27 2006, 9:26 PM 

From the 15 yr olds at camp this year, the 1991 born players who are ineligible to play in the WHL this season, a few stood out.

2006 2nd round Bantam pick Ryan Kowalski from Abbotsford definitely looks like a player and with a year in midget, he should easily step in next year. I would not be surprised to see him called up at some point this season to play a few games.

Another guy I thought was impressive was the Cougars 2006 14th round Bantam pick Kenny Tanaka. The kid is tiny, but he makes up for it with speed. He was all over the ice whenever I was watching, creating chances, quick on the forecheck and didn't appear to be intimidated at all. Don't know why he wasn't in the intra-squad game.

Another guy who was decent was 2006 6th round Bantam pick Lane Menage. Just another one who caught my eye.

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Mrs Hand
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players left in camp....

August 28 2006, 12:39 PM 

according to releases in the citizen and from yesterdays gamesheet...correct me if I am wrong.

20's-Cooper, Robertson, Walker, Hunter, Bowles

19's-Meaver, Drazenovic, Gendur, Sagert, Gardner, Mihalik, Patterson, Cyr

18's-Wishart, Kajic, Day, Dudas, Iorio, Fuller, White(G)

17's-VanDuynhoven, Vrana, Rai, Redden, Wray, Tyrell

16's-Hunt, Groot


26 skaters, 3 tenders

On the bubble....Kajic, Iorio, Vrana, Redden, Wray, Groot. Cumming (91) can only stay for a while. The 20 y/o situation will have a huge impact on who stays.

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not a lot of cuts left

August 28 2006, 5:40 PM 

Kind of surprised they got down to this number as quickly as they did. It seemed to me that they kept a few guys around longer in the past few years, but I could be wrong on that.

2 20 year old's will go. If Hunter is back, bet on the three 20's being him, Walker, and Robertson. Cooper has been a really steady guy and I will be sorry to see him go, but the blueline looks awful strong even without him. Appears Bowles will probably be gone too. I really like Scotty, but I think they figure Cyr can carry the mail and not use up a 20yo spot.

Cumming (15) will obviously be gone. I can see why they want to keep him around, he looks like he will be excellent in the future.

I think Meaver is on the bubbble. In the intersquad game, he looked a lot like he did last year and he needs to score because there is no physical element to his game at all.

On D, Patterson might go, which would be kind of a shame because he did what he needed to last year, but again he's 19 and a guy that age should be in your top 4-5, not a depth guy.

I didn't really notice Kajic, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was gone.

Not sure about all the hype with Redden. Vrana looked every bit as good, and is bigger. Look for him to be the young d-man who stays.

Day & Wray looked pretty good. They both have pretty good size, which will help their cause as we seem a little smallish up front.

We should have one of the best defences in the league this year, they will be bigger than most NHL squads. I think Mihalik will be fine, he looks like he moves pretty well for a big guy. Chris Vanduynhoven looked great. He is an absolute monster at 6'5" 237. It appeared that he was skating a lot better than last year, if he can play physical he will be a force.

A couple of disappointments.....

Nick Drazenovic looked talented as always. But here he is in the B&W game taking runs at guys who aren't even in the league yet?? C'mon Nick, PLEASE hit somebody in a game that counts instead of running all the campers.

Gendur vs. Belich....Not sure what all the hype was about Belich, he was OK at best. But what is Gendur doing picking a fight with a 16yo rookie. I'd call the fight a draw, had Gendur's helmet came off it might have been a different story. Gendur had Belich by a good 40lbs. and could barely take him. Either Belich's a really tough kid, or Dan should just stick to scoring.

Curious to get thoughts from some other posters.

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Recent roster cuts......

August 28 2006, 11:30 PM 

I am somewhat surprised at the release of Belich, Bauer, Jorgenson, etc. Although Belich and Bauer appear headed for a great situation in Red Deer, who are hosting this year's Telus Cup.

Obviously the Hunter situation dictates what will essentially happen with the 20 yr olds this season and nothing will probably take place until his status is figured out.

I do believe the Cougars will keep one 20 yr old on the back end and by that I mean either Curtis Cooper or Scott Bowles. I don't know if going with three 20 yr olds up front is the answer, but definitely a tempting plan. Curtis Cooper could end up in Kamloops, where he grew up, who I believe are interested in his services.

I would imagine the current roster of about 29 players will stay this way until close to the end of the exhibition season. Obviously Cumming will be sent home soon as he's only 15 and can't play this season. From there a goalie will be sent packing, 1 or 2 D-men and 1 or 2 forwards. That will get the roster down to a workable number to start the year. I have no idea at this point who of Iorio, Wray, Day, Kajic or Redden will be around to start the year. All I know is Kirk Meaver should be looking over his shoulder.

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