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March 4 2012 at 8:33 AM
COOGSUPERFAN  (no login)

As unfortunate as Friday's game was, Saturday's was as inspirational...great game with some new highlights to observe.

In the absense of our best stay at home D-man (Gibb IMO), Young Mylchreest has been outstanding lately and last night was fantastic to watch. He uses his sise (despite little "man strength" yet) very well...coralling onrushers into the corners, rendering them ineffective. For a player of his makeup, tall and gangly, right now, he has tremendous foot speed and he makes that turn on the defensive very smoothly and effectively. He had a killer looking shot from the point where he shattered the stick so hard, half of it flew into the middle rows. He is loooking really good for next year already.

Mykitiuk(sp) probably had the best game of the year here. It seems that he has had a challenge finding chemistry with other players this year ... until last night. He was just flying out there, getting to pucks first, making timely passes, and always pusing the play forward (north/south instead of east/west). He had a couple of shifts with even younger (and smaller) Joseph Carvalho playing as a forward and they seemed able to read each other like books..it was awesome to watch such a couple of small guys dominate the play a la Chickie and McColgan in Rocketteland.

Jesse Forsberg is back to the game that makes him the most effective...punishing any player that is in his vicinity. He is also starting to exercise his ability to rush the puck effectively more in the last 4 games. Not a lot of fancy moves but a lot of speed and the ability to blow through people is just as good as scooting around them ... maybe better.

Bourke was fantastic if not a little overly fancy at times but there were few that were able to contain him, and there is no doubt that he found some pleasant chemistry playing with Belter and Witala (who is also playing fantastic by the way)

It is just really cool to watch so many 16's playing and being effective against any team let alone a solid and very experience Spokane squad that has always been known for their work ethic.

Now I am kind of torn...they are not mathematically eliminated BUT ANOTHER first overall draft pick with this new scouting staff in place is very exciting to me...


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