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March 17 2012 at 8:49 AM
COOGSUPERFAN  (no login)

Obviously, this season is drawing rapidly to a close...and that is, naturally, disappointing as the playoffs is the only time of year that matters IMO. There have been alot of positives to reflect on...

Beating the Rockettes is a mini-miracle anytime in the last few years as they have managed to have our number for whatever reason (Brown happy.gif

Playing the Yams to 3 1 goal losses and a win in a season is just fantastic as they are considered to be an elite team in the WHL this year.

Owning Spokane is even better as that has definitely NOT been the way in the past.

In fact, for whatever inexplicable reason, we have been great against, debatetably, the strongest division in the league...the US. So good on this young team.

We have had the unique pleasure of watching the youngest batch of talented "babies" we have ever seen in PG develop and grow into a very cohesive, team focussed unit.

All we can do is wait until next year at this point. If the boys work hard over the summer I think it is fair to have an elevated level of expectation for next year. Minimum of 0.500 hockey and a solid playoff performance is not out of the realm of realism. It has been a long time since there has been a realistic expectancy that would apply to this organization...it will be interesting and exciting to go through it...again

Thanks for a unique look to the season Coogs...finish strong against the hated Bloozers and I'll be there chanting GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGS!!

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LOL...you ARE a piece of work

March 17 2012, 12:18 PM 

No scorer in the top 70 much less top 20 of the entire league...going on about young players gelling but the guys they gelled with (Carlson and Asuchak, #2 and #4 in scoring respectively) are leaving the team...a goalie who is the only reason this pathetic franchise didn't finish with more than 50 losses, also leaving the team.

Yep, SOOOOOOO much to be optimistic about heading into next year. Expecting .500? ROFLMAO!! Doesn't your Kool-Aid ever run out? I will predict another non-firing of Thompson, another last-place finish, and another year of 800 bodies in the stands counted as 1600 (barring a move to the GVRD or Nanaimo).

Just out of curiousity...out of those 1600 seasons tickets...how many do you purchase every year? Guessing about 500 but you still can't manage to give them away for free so that the "announced attendance" accurately reflects the "actual attendance".

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March 17 2012, 3:15 PM 

let's not hyperbolize things.

First of all. The only reason Asuchak is #4 is because of who he got to play with IMO.

While Carlson will be missed for his offensive abilities, it could be a prime example of addition by sbtraction as his defensive liabilities easily made up for his offensive upside this year.

Sorry but Owlsley wasn't as good as you think for us this year. He was good...just not THAT good.

That's why they call them predictions...guess we will see who is better at predictions at the end of next year by who is actually closer. I'd put money on mine compared to yours...would you? Or just hot air?

Of course Thompson won't be fired...DUH that's a toughie happy.gif

Body count is much closer to reported average than your sad attempt at a guess...sorry but 800 isn't even in the ballpark on a percentage basis. Besides it's paid attendance that matters. There are organizations, reportedly, that give away many more tickets than PG does. Brodsky can limp along supporting his family and buddies for many years with a paid base of 1500 or even less.

If they do move, it would be the best thing for the city as a new team could be accepted by local management group(s) and it would immediately be more successful financially. We should have no fear of team movement for the long term in my opinion.

I purchase the same amount of season tix that I always have and find them to be a good value for me my family...no one has ever said that they regretted going out to a game...win or lose...in fact we have enjoyed some losses better than some of the wins...go figure!!???

All in all this season has been a little better than I expected...not better than I had hoped...but better than expected. Next year I would be disappointed with a significantly weaker than 0.500 honestly. I do expect this team to be very close to 0.500, making the playoffs, and performing well or winning in the first round.

Time will tell...there are a lot of GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGS!!!! left to heard until then.

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(Login powderking)

next year

March 18 2012, 8:27 AM 

I think there is good reason to be optimistic.

Forsberg, Bourke, Belter as a top line will score 90 goals.
Siwak, Mykitiuk,Witala 60 plus goals
Fontaine, Tkatch, Elynuik
Hirsche, Daae, Odgers

Blidstrand, Forsberg
Gibb, Jackson
Springer, Mylchreest
Pilling, McNulty
Harris, Grewal


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The Pucks
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In your opinion .............

March 18 2012, 8:11 PM 

Joshua Smith can be added to the list of 1st round bantam busts?

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Den Member


March 19 2012, 4:16 PM 

10 d'men...really? happy.gif


Siwak(Belter), Bourke, Forsberg

Hirsche(20)or Fraser (20), Mykitiuk, Witala

Fontaine, Tkatch, Odgers (watch out for this one at the "third line status"...could out-point the #1 line happy.gif)

Daae (will have to really show something in camp to make it as a 19)???
13th forward???


Gibb(20), Jackson
Forsberg, Mylchreest
McNulty, Grewal
Springer, ???

Springer and Mylchreest have proven themselves as completely competent, interchangeable two way players so only need 13 forwards IMO


Fordyce and ??? OK to go young this year IMO...but someone with enough potential to push Devon...need someone "knocking on his door" to keep him working as hard as he did this year for little to no playing time. happy.gif

Elynuik, Blidstrand (sorry, but don't think they stick as 20's)

Can't wait actually...here's something to think about...with big IF's

When it comes time...

IF PG drafts Barzal
IF he agrees to report to Cougars
IF they apply for exceptional player status...

Now THAT would be some fun...our first 15 year old player! Probably a little wishful thinking on my part but hey...always fun to look at the possibilities.


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(Login powderking)

line combinations

March 19 2012, 7:27 PM 

Regarding the 10 d-men, was mostly just showing the potential on defense. I think Smith is also worthy of a spot.

I think you are right, Blidstrand and Elynuik will probably play pro as 20 year olds.

Springer was starting to play really well on the wing, but I think Mylchreest has potential to be a very good defenseman.

Not really sure about line combinations, but Bourke, Forsberg, Witala, Siwak, Mykitiuk, Belter will provide provide for two very offensive lines. I also think Tkatch is worthy of playing on one of the top two lines. He is an effective checker as well and became a very good penalty killer. I could see him playing with Hirsche or Fraser (Springer?).

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highlights huh

March 18 2012, 3:41 PM 

if there were some highlights they would definately few and far between. This year as in many many years in the past another disappointing season what can you say you trade for a good goalie and possibly the one you gave away was better than the one you got. Poor management and worse direction my guess is we're the laughing stock of the entire league and have been for awhile. Not to mention the least desired place to play. Oh well its not Brodsky's fault or his son in law's management it's the economy. Ha Ha

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March 19 2012, 12:06 AM 

doesn't mean we are going to agree.

If you are disappointed with this season, you had unrealistic expectations and/or don't understand this league very well. If you can name any team in history that has had a winning team with 9 16 year old in the line up, please do enlighten us.

I guarantee you that this organization has improved their reputation as a place to play. It is evidenced by the very high number of signed high round picks in the last couple of years. "The low" in this regard has come and gone and many families are much happier coming here and playing here. They understand that a team this young will not win a bunch but they know that everyone is getting opportunities to play, learn, and develop and that is all you can really hope for as a parent in this league.

Just get ready to put the praise where it belongs when this team starts to perform very well...it's gotta go both ways when it is earned and Siwak was a great steal for Inglis...no question there.


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Any news

March 19 2012, 5:29 PM 

On whether that Euro will come play for us next year? He could really help. I agree... I think we need to go younger in goal, yet we need to have someone to push Fordyce as well. Get a Cyr-Bowles Duo again.

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