leg power part II

January 6 2006 at 9:31 AM
michael talianchich  (Login aussie77)

Hi all
I have read thru the entire archive. There is some great stuff there. One very appealing article was started by "cd" called "leg power" and dated November 28 2004. I would suggest reading it with this thread.
The photos I alluded to in the previous thread are at
The reflex swing is based upon leg power as the sole source of power. I find this difficult to achieve.
If I pause at the top of the backswing and then initiate the downswing with my knees (rotational) or legs sliding (linear) or hips sliding, the hands and arms only move down so much. The legs etc do not bring my arms/hands/clubhead back to the ball automatically or in reflex. I have to consciouslly allow my arms/hands/clubhead to come back to the ball. So in my opinion, is not the reflex swing a combination of legs and arms. In other words, just using my legs does not bring my clubhead back to the ball. What am I missing?? Has anyone tried what "cd" advocated.
Richard mentions that he gets his leg power to work by just turning to talk to someone at the dinner table. I tried this and I must admit that I have to use my shoulders to do the turning as my legs don't do diddly squat for me. I would end up talking to the wine bottle. Any further enlightment on this subject would be appreciated

Mr confused
mike t

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