Thighs vs Hips

November 21 2006 at 12:48 AM
Snakedoc  (Login Snakedoc)
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Response to Re: No Similarity?

As I said, I have difficulty distinguishing between a thrust by my thighs (toward the target) and a lateral thrust of my hips. My apparent limitations aside, whether the initial movement is a thigh thrust or hip thrust, Blake and Dante both claimed a similar effect, ie, the arms/club assembly being dragged or pulled down and through with no additional muscular effort after the initial thrust. From reading their swing descriptions, the main difference between Blake and Dante is trail elbow position. Blake adopted an open stance late in his golfing career, but he swung from a square stance for most of his golfing life. Mindy was sure that his discovery of an extremely forward trail elbow position was new to golf, though, he said, well known in field athletics. Dante obviously thought a trail elbow hugging trail hip was its ideal position. Blake did indeed believe that trail elbow position was critical to get a dragging response. My thinking is that Blake's trail elbow position results in superior leverage and more efficient energy transfer than a trail hip-hugging elbow position. I'd dearly love to be able to measure the difference in force delivered due (only) to trail elbow position, other swing positions and motions being the same.

My knowledge of Joe Dante and John Redman is derived solely from their books. I have never met a golfer who claimed to be a Dante adherent, so I cannot comment on how well his method works in practice. Redman's star pupil was Paul Azinger who advocated Redman's method for many years, though some golf analysts had always questioned how closely Azinger's swing was to what Redman taught. Dante's and Redman's belief that an initial hip thrust (Dante) or hip turn (Redman) alone is sufficient to power the golf swing does not place them in the mainstream of conventional golf, at least to my understanding of the (so called) conventional golf swing. Having personally seen Blake swing from a square stance, what I can tell you is that his swing did not look particularly unconventional. Rather, it was graceful, compact and powerful. Jim

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