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Stance and Grip Strength

December 25 2006 at 1:00 AM
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Blake Moderator Emeritus

Response to Thumb Placement?

I can do the Blake swing from a square or open stance. I actually have a tendency to "regress" to a square stance, but I believe an open stance is best. Rationale: With an open stance, in the backswing the hips turn to about square, so in the downswing they are not "in the way" of the arms. You don't have to "clear" the hips to allow the arms to come through. Additionally, I think you achieve a better feeling of "getting the upper body behind the trail hip" if you start from an open stance. I also think a four knuckle grip (thumb at 3 o'clock) is a bit too strong. I seem to attain a better lead wrist position at the top with a two to three knuckle grip. Jim

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