Re: Hitting the Ball Straight

December 30 2006 at 5:32 PM
Tom  (Login Roveri)

Response to Hitting the Ball Straight


Thank you for your thorough and well considered response to my post.

No, I do not accept Mindy's explanation for his straightness. I do accept that his club does not "roll" and that he can place the ball within an 18 inch span and still hit it well. But my swing also satisfies those two parameters without yielding automatic straightness.

As for some of Mindy's pictures in his books, I suspect that they are not accurate drawings taken from photos of his actual swing when hitting a ball. Maybe Mindy posed those positions based on what he thought he was doing in his real swing. You posted some photos of Mindy hitting a ball in the forum album pages. My eyes see some differences between those photos and the book drawings.

Concerning straightness and Mindy's downswing you wrote, "What I'm saying is that the compact, straight back, straight down swing, with clubface staying at right angles to target line throughout, makes it more likely that clubface will be square at impact." ... In spite of the book drawings I do not believe that the photos show that Mindy kept his clubface at right angles to the target line throughout his downswing.


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