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December 30 2006 at 7:48 PM
Snakedoc  (Login Snakedoc)
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Response to Re: Hitting the Ball Straight

My understanding is that the drawings in both books were made from photos of Mindy. The photos of Mindy with a garden rake (in the photo album) are reproduced almost exactly in figures 2 and 3 of GTTB. However, the various swing photos certainly could have been of posed positions. In the one set of three photos which I'm more confident of their being dynamic (last set of photos in Mindy Blake section of photo album), Mindy himself indicated on the last photo (blurred club shaft)that he didn't achieve the desired extremely forward trail elbow. The position he did achieve in that photo with hands well ahead of clubhead would probably be deemed as excellent if the reviewer didn't know what Blake wanted out of his downswing. In photo 2 of that set, the position at about end of takeaway, as hands pass trail knee going back, Mindy's trail elbow is well forward of its position in the drawing of a similar position (figure 11 of GTTB). In fact, the photo depicts what would seem to me to be a more desirable position of trail elbow, ie, a more forward position from which an extremely forward trail elbow would be more likely to result. However, if photo 2 is actually the backswing of the downswing in photo 3, as already mentioned Blake indicated that he didn't, in fact, get the trail elbow position he wanted nearing impact. What differences do your eyes see between posted photos of Mindy and drawings in the books?

My own experience with the Blake swing, anecdotal of course, is that I hit the ball much straighter with Blake than I did with a CG swing in my first two years of playing golf. But then my hitting would likely be straighter now if I had continued to pursue a CG swing. Since you think nothing posted thus far explains Blake's straightness, do you have any suspicions as to what his straightness secret might be? Jim

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