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January 22 2007 at 10:33 PM
Snakedoc  (Login Snakedoc)
Blake Moderator Emeritus

Response to hips

The hip movement I described is done while still at address, almost like a forward press with the hips, though my hesitation after the movement is longer than with a forward press. It's interesting that you mention hip movement forward during the backswing because such a move was introduced by Mindy in GTTB. Since you don't have access to the later book, I suppose you discovered this on your own. In GTTB, Takeaway section, he wrote:

"The hips move towards the target and swivel 45 degrees until they are parallel to the line of flight." Then, at end of that section: "To summarize, the swing begins with a press (by the right leg) followed by the takeaway, in which the legs swing the trunk to the right and the undercarriage slides to the left to balance it."

Aside: Cool word that, ie, "undercarriage." In American usage, if used at all, it refers to "the supporting frame under the body of a vehicle." Is it used in Oz to refer to the lower part of the body?

As of the time of writing GTTB Blake continued to be enamored by the idea of keeping his weight balanced between the feet. Do you deliberately move the hips forward in takeaway/backswing or does it just happen naturally? Note that Blake changed his forward press from a slight movement by both knees to one with the right leg only. Between books Mindy wrote me that he was doing a "squat down" just before starting back, a movement made famous by Sam Snead and others, though not before the swing starts. Jim

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