Analyzing Blake's Swing

August 15 2007 at 9:51 PM
Snakedoc  (Login Snakedoc)
Blake Moderator Emeritus

Response to For sure

I don't know what would happen in the experiment you described. What is its relevance to how Blake's swing works?

You wrote: "Mindy is saying that turning his legs counter-clockwise drags his arms and club down on an inclined plane." Though it may simply be that no one ever thought of it before, I believe Blake was the first (and only) golfer to claim that his legs could drag his arms and club all the way down and through with sufficient energy emanating from the legs and being "transmitted" to the club to power a full golf swing. Ben Hogan believed that hip action alone could drag the arms and club down to about waist height, but he thought the upper body should become active at that point to complete the swing. Do you believe Blake's claim is consistent with human anatomy and kinesiology?

Richard Wax says that "release" is undesirable in executing a reflex swing. What role, if any, do you think "release" has in Blake's swing? What do you think of Richard's comment that his "turn" with his legs takes no more effort than would turning to speak with a person at dinner table. I think such turn involves slight hip and upper body effort--my legs are pretty much at rest when seated, even when turning to speak with someone. Thus, the analogy itself is questionable. Jim

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