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December 6 2007 at 4:54 AM
Tom  (Login Roveri)

Response to Re: Mindy's Books vs. Mindy's Swing

Now that we have a real swing of Mindy Blake to look at, I think we should assume that it represents a true Reflex Swing. In other words, I don't think that we should assume that Mindy made a poor swing on the Mike Douglas Show. From Mike Douglas' comment after Mindy hit the ball Mindy drove it dead center into the bullseye of the net.

Even though the angle from which the film was taken is not ideal, and even though it is only one swing, I think it is by far the best piece of evidence that has surfaced to date and that much can be gleaned from it. I don't think anyone does himself justice in trying to learn the Reflex Swing if he adheres solely to the Figures, especially if those Figures sometimes do not match the photos that we now have of Mindy making a real swing and hitting a ball.

For the purpose of stimulating discussion I'll just point out a few spots where the photos might prove to be eye-opening:

1) Figure 15 vs Photo 09:15, THE TOP OF THE BACKSWING. Notice how in Figure 15 Mindy is almost kissing his left bicept muscle. Yet in Photo 09:15 Mindy's left shoulder is well under his chin. The Figure Mindy hasn't really made a full shoulder turn, while the Photo Mindy has fully turned himself. Look at Richard Wax's video and you will see a shoulder turn like the Photo Mindy and not like the Figure Mindy. If I may say so Jim I think you may have copied the Figure Mindy in your own swing perhaps to your detriment. What do you think? Since this is a discussion group about the Mindy Blake Reflex Swing I hope no one takes my remarks either as unduly authoritative or as antagonistic. What I'm hoping to do is to perhaps help move us to consider the Reflex Swing outside of the printed page now that we have some accurate data that exists independently from the books. The books in themselves have not created many Reflex Swingers. Maybe the books when enhanced by other materials will do a better job.

2) Figure 20 vs. Photo 09:28. THE FOLLOW THROUGH
I think it has already been pointed out that in the Photo Mindy's hands (or arms) have rotated counterclockwise while in the Figure they have not. In the Photo the club has passed the hands and in the Figure the club stays even with the hands. In the Photo Mindy has not fully released his body to the point that chest, hips, and thighs are facing the target while in the Figure Mindy is fully released. I think that these differences are significant because an adherence to the image represented by the Figure may lead one to try to establish positions that Mindy himself never got into. In the text accompanying Figure 20 of GTTB Mindy says that "The hands still lead until the end of the swing." Clearly, that is not the case according to the Photo.

Jim, concerning the text I was trying to point out that I had misread Mindy's words and had failed to recognize that when he said "feels like" he was in a subjective mode. I thought his "feels like" and objective reality were the same thing. It was a mistake that perhaps other careless readers like myself might make.

FORWARD ELBOW POSITION. It is my observation from the Photos that Mindy's elbow was several inches short of the ideal forward position that he advocated in his text and that he illustrated in his Figures. Yet he says at the end of GTTB, "Keep that right elbow well across the body. Otherwise you are wasting your time." I can imagine readers focusing on this instruction above all the others to the extent that they make learning Mindy's real Reflex Swing nearly impossible.

Jim asked about whether I think Mindy's power came "solely" from his legs. My short answer is "no way".

In closing this essay, I'll make a general comment on what I see in Mindy's real swing. Remember, I have access to the video so I have seen it in motion. To me Mindy appears to be a superb physical specimen - strong, lean, wiry, spry, flexible, and with a great command of his body and how to move it in space. His overall physical swing style reminds me of Jesper Parnivik's.

Best wishes,

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