Jim! You're back!

April 1 2008 at 8:13 AM
cd  (Login birdbump)

Response to A Thought Exercise for All Blakeites

I'm afraid I'm too intellectually lazy to even be able
to think of all the things you brought up but I'll try
just one:

"when one reads the books, they say pretty much what others have previously said and the subtleties (the real secret?) of what makes their swings elite is missing."

I agree completely with that. I may have read close to
every instruction book ever written. Now, however, when
new ones come out I have strong resistance to them and it
takes a really cagey teaser to get me to bite. And when
I do surrender and buy the new one I am always disappointed
on most levels. It seems I already know everything that
anybody else in the universe knows about the golf swing
but I still can't shoot par. I am ready to concede that
in the case of golf, knowledge is NOT power.

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