Re: Radicalized vs Deceived

April 19 2008 at 1:06 AM
Tom  (Login Roverii)

Response to Radicalized vs Deceived

If Mindy was greatly mistaken then his written instructions might be of limited value, but certainly not of no value.

One obvious clue indicating that Mindy Blake was not 100% on the mark is his notion of applying "pressure" to the ball through impact. A corollary to the pressure theory is Mindy's claim that the Reflex swing could produce more distance from a given clubhead speed than could a conventional swing. I think these assertions have never found any support in actual field testing.
When one discards the pressure theory one naturally wonders what else in the books might not be quite right? For me, I doubted that Mindy kept the clubface as "square" as he said he did. To me, the Mike Douglas video indicated that Mindy's clubface looked quite conventional and not "square".

If we take away the "pressure" theory and take away the "squareness" principle, what remains of the Reflex Swing? I guess the answer would be the legs as the sole power source. But if the point of using the legs was 1) to keep the clubface square and 2) to pressure the ball at impact, and if neither of these things happen in Mindy's own swing, then Mindy has not achieved his stated purpose. Yet he has achieved something important in his own swing - "straightness". And for me, if the key to straightness lies somewhere in Mindy's writings or in his instructions then it's well worth seeking. I've had the opportunity of viewing the actual Mike Douglas video over a hundred times. Except for Mindy's absolutely steady head (the steadiest I've ever seen) I can't figure out how he hit the ball so straight. Any ideas?


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