Getting behind the lead arm

March 3 2009 at 8:16 AM
Chris Walker  (Login ChrisHW)

I just wanted to share something that I am finding extremely helpful with my version of the Blake swing: namely, when viewed from the target, at address, get your upper torso behind the upper part of your lead arm. When you come through impact, you should then still be behind the upper part of your lead arm.

This works both for long shots and chips. In Golf: The Technique Barrier the address position to which I refer is very well illustrated in Figures 10 and (for chips) 23. The position through impact for chips is shown in Figure 28.

The approach I describe appears to work so well because it provides the means by which the body can drive the lead arm whilst the muscles of that arm stay relaxed.

The driving of a relaxed lead arm is surely something that cannot be achieved in a conventional swing in which the shoulders are square to the target line at address. From such a position, the torso may turn towards the target but the arms tend to be left behind !!

Please try out my suggestion and let me know how you get on. The fact that it can be applied to chipping should make experimentation relatively easy.

Regards, Chris Walker

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