Limited shoulder turn yet again

December 4 2010 at 4:31 PM
Chris Walker  (Login ChrisHW)

Response to For Chris Walker


Thanks for the response. My golf is somewhat limited at the moment due to an unusually large amount of snow in the U.K. However, at the driving range this morning my limited shoulder turn was still looking very promising just as long as I kept the whole swing very slow. I was striking the ball very solidly, especially the iron shots. I may need more work with the driver.

I have two points to make:

1) Was Mindy so supple ?? On page 19 of GTTB, when talking of the criticism that only a very supple person could achieve a full shoulder turn without turning the hips, Harry Weaver says that Mindy, quote, found this criticism rather puzzling because he is not, he says, a particularly supple person himself.

2) When skimming a stone, I cannot see that you would turn your shoulders so far that you would have turned your back to the target. Try it. I don't think the shoulder turn would be much more than 45 degrees. [ The only sense in which the shoulder turn might be called 90 degrees is if you started with your shoulders 45 degrees open. But I am concerned with determining what is the correct position at the top of the backswing. ]

I cannot be sure how I made contact with Roger Judd back in 1987. I may well have written to one of the U.K. golf magazines asking whether anyone else was interested in Mindy Blake and his ideas on the golf swing.

And in answer to a question from Ingvar I have a copy of 'Suicide by Socialism' which I shall let him read at some future time.

Regards, Chris

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