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January 4 2011 at 8:52 PM
Snakedoc  (Login Snakedoc)
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I'd like to hear from all of you who've given Blake's ideas a lot of thought, compared them with other golf instruction you've studied, and tried Blake's method for yourselves. Was Mindy right or wrong and what is your rationale for your conclusions? What are the flaws in his notion of a "reflex" swing?

1. Human anatomy and kinesiology allow the legs (exclusively) to provide all necessary energy/power for the golf swing.

2. A "connected" position of the right elbow, at address and throughout the swing, is key to "transmitting" leg energy/power to the hands and club.

Question for discussion: Could it be that 1 and 2 are, as Blake claimed, simply a special application of principles and techniques developed in field athletics, ie, events such as the javelin and discus throws? Blake at least implied that the legs "dragged" the club all the way to impact. But isn't the golfer's effort, whether exerted by legs and/or upper body, essentially complete by the moment of wrist release, ie, when angle between lead arm and shaft collapses at about 6/100 seconds before impact?

3. There should be little or no weight shift to trail side in the backswing; instead, the golfer's hips should shift targetward during the takeaway and backswing thus keeping the golfer's weight approximately balanced between the feet throughout the swing.

Question for discussion: Is 3 essential to the proper operation of 1 and 2? If so, why?


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