Mindy's Dead Horse

January 17 2011 at 6:38 PM
Snakedoc  (Login Snakedoc)
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Response to Pressure

I expect you noticed that I didn't mention Blake's "pressure" notion among the three "big" ideas I listed. That's because I view it just as you do, ie, a dead horse requiring no further flogging.

Even idea #2, ie, relating to "connecting the lower and upper body," if such be possible, would not involve "pressure," ie, once the club is released in the downswing, the golfer's effort is complete and "pressure" cannot be operative beyond that point. However, even the great ball striker Ben Hogan thought the first part of the downswing to be powered by the hips and thighs. From his "Five Lessons":

"THE HIPS INITIATE THE DOWNSWING. They are the pivotal element in the chain action. Starting them first and moving them correctly--this one action practically makes the downswing. It creates early speed....This turning of the hips is activated by several sets of muscles which work together. THE CONTRACTED MUSCLES OF THE LEFT HIP AND THE MUSCLES ALONG THE INSIDE OF THE LEFT THIGH START TO SPIN THE LEFT HIP AROUND TO THE LEFT. AT ONE AND THE SAME TIME, THE MUSCLES OF THE RIGHT HIP AND THE MUSCLES OF THE RIGHT THIGH--BOTH THE INSIDE AND THE POWERFUL OUTSIDE THIGH MUSCLES--START TO MOVE THE RIGHT HIP FORWARD...What do the hands do? The answer is they do nothing active until after the arms have moved down on the the downswing to a position just above the level of the hips." [Upper case emphasis by Hogan in the "Five Lessons" original].

I suppose one could view this as Hogan's (mis?)interpretation of the "big muscle" golf swing theory, a theory which many swing analysts do NOT (yet) consider to be a dead horse. Jim

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