You May Be Right

January 27 2011 at 4:06 PM
Snakedoc  (Login Snakedoc)
Blake Moderator Emeritus

Response to Mindy

It may be that Blake learned his swing by trial and error (somewhat in the manner of Lee Trevino) and then came up with his "legs are the key to the golf swing" theory. This would have been natural and seemingly logical for a field athlete who had learned the importance of the legs to success in the various field athletic events such as the javelin, shot put, discus and, his own event, the pole vault. Blake referred to the "well known" principle of using the legs as primary or even exclusive source of power in field athletics. He noticed that, in some respects, hitting a golf ball with a club was similar (at least in feel) to field athletic events. Once his swing was developed and working well for him, he then may have decided that this "feel" he was noticing must be "real" and convinced himself that in a well executed golf swing the upper body could respond in "reflex" to action by the lower body (legs). Others, such as Joe Dante and John Redman, had actually come to similar conclusions in their books, although they concentrated on hip, rather than leg, action as being key. Even Ben Hogan thought the first part of the golf downswing was controlled by the hips. In other words, Mindy may have wrongly noticed a result (his excellent swing) and made that result fit his theory. I'm just speculating. Jim

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