Hi Brandon

June 20 2011 at 11:45 PM

BobKy  (Premier Login bob2aa)

Response to need a little help... :(

Your idea to use the projector to compare your swing to Dustin's is excellent! Your posture at address looks very good!

Here are some things I noticed that you are doing that Dustin isn't:

[linked image]

1. Notice the red lines. Your chest has risen in the back swing,so you've lost a lot of your bent-over posture that you had at address.

2. Notice the green line. There is "cup" in your left wrist at the top,whereas Dustin's is flat. This will leave the clubface open at impact.

3. Notice your hands;they are almost over your head;notice Dustin's hands are over his right shoulder. The likely cause of this is that you are bringing the club inside too fast on your backswing and this leads to lifting the hands at the top.Also,notice your club is "across the line." From this positing,you are likely "coming over the top," and slicing the ball.You can recover from this,but it is going to take you making a conscious effort to hit the inside/rear quadrant of the ball.As a result of your backswing,you are likely hitting the outside/rear quadrant of the ball,which is a slicing motion.

Speaking of Dustin, check out my comments. Notice how he is keeping bent over at impact and that his head stays down and back . A good thought is to "face the ball at impact." Resist the temptation to look up too fast.

Hope some of this helps!

[linked image]


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