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Big Crow

March 16 2011 at 7:11 PM
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Back from the the sunny south...whoo hoo...what a trip!..anways..back to thinking of tripping in the Park.

These warmer days sure get the mind thinking about that ice melting and getting out on the water and wetting a line!

Looks like a group of us our going to try our luck up in the Big Crow area. Actually 3 dads and our 3 15 year old lads....should be fun!

I haven't taken the water taxi before, but I think that's the way we will travel for time and safety reasons.

I have read some of the trip logs fom the likes of Stephen Molson and Tom Yates's group and others and there's lots of good info there.

A couple of questions of fellow AA'ers

1) I have been on the Tim and Nip several times. How does the stretch from Proulx to Crow and from Crow to Laveille compare to the mentioned rivers in terms of travel times...ie are there lots of beaver dams? twisting like the Tim? alders like on the Nip between Big Bob and Grass Lake?

2) Any "prime" sites that you would recommend for 2 tents? or that are suitable for throwing out a line? happy.gif

Thanks a bunch!

Blakeney, ON

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big crow

March 16 2011, 7:31 PM 

I'm not much help to you in the fishing department but I was up in Big Crow this past summer for a great trip. The stretch of the crow river between Proulx and Little Crow is a very easy paddle with no beaver dams or shallow areas.
The river between Big Crow and Lavielle is quite twisty, with 7 portages and 2 beaver dams (at least that's what we encountered last year). The trip from Big Crow to Lavielle took us 6 hours travelling at a comfortable pace and single carrying the portagesc (we also had some great chances to see some wildlife in this area).
We didn't check out to many sites on Big Crow but the ones we did were nice. When pass through the narrows from Little Crow to Big Crow we did a straight line across the lake to the campsite right beside the river over to Lavielle. It was easily big enough for two tents and had a beach, but it was pretty exposed to the wind. There is another site on the across the bay from the old ranger station which has a small beach, a little smaller but you could still fit two tents and has a bit more wind protection.
Hope this helps.

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