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Trout: North vs. South

April 5 2011 at 9:18 AM
Brent  (Login Bjax)

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering what everyones view was with respect to fishing in the north of the park vs. the south of the park? Where is the fishing better? Are there many differences? If so, why? i would think the south gets more fishing pressure than the north? What about sheer beauty? What about campsites?

This came up while i have been trip planning over the last month. I am trying to decide between two different trips for early spring: I think my first choice right now is to go into Catfish Lake/Luckless/Lynx/Nippissing for 4 days on the first of May...but because of the ice out debate I have looked into a trip south of 60 to make sure the ice is out...with a trip into louisa/Rence and that area. If the ice is out...which trip is better? In general...which is better...north or south?


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Racoon - Raton_Laveur
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April 5 2011, 10:09 AM 

Both areas in question are great for trout

Ice out likely will dictate but if copnditions
allow then I'd suggest Catfish Lake/Luckless/Lynx

We too are looking at an area very close to your
northern itinerary but we also have a south of 60 backup

BTW: The phase of the moon and the
weather will likely dictate the trout biting
moods regardless of north or south selection happy.gif

Rac happy.gifhappy.gif n

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Re: Trout: North vs. South

April 5 2011, 1:31 PM 

Thanks Raccoon...maybe we'll see you out there!

With respect to the ice-out....I think all of the predictions and forum chatter are referring to Opeongo and the ice being sufficiently gone to allow paddlers more or less full access to the lake...does that mean Cedar and some of the more northern lakes would be open as well? Is Opeongo the last lake to go?

The crossing from Brent to the Petawawa portage...how long does that take? It looks more or less north to south...would that mean that a typical NW wind might make for a tricky cross? Is Cedar typically pretty wavy?

Can't wait!

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Re: Trout: North vs. South

April 5 2011, 1:41 PM 

About 12 years ago in the Spring, my buddy and I were on an Island campsite near the Petawawa runoff in Cedar Lake. We were using a 12 ft Alum and a 5 hp Merc. The wind and rain came up the morning we were supposed to leave. After rounding the shelter of the Island to head across the lake, I said screw this man, let's hunker down until tomorrow, honestly felt like the Edmund Fitzgerald, waves were coming over and my tackle box almost floated out of the boat. We were getting swamped, but he HAD to get to work the next day, POURING ICE COLD rain the whole time, probably my scariest time ever on the water, go figure when we made it back to Brent, the sun came out.

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April 5 2011, 5:43 PM 

Crossed the lake many times from Access Point to start of portage up the Petawawa and/or Nippissing.
It can be trecherous when the wind blows and lots of roller coaster action from the waves. I usually try to cross this body of water very early in the morning or very late at night.


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