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Highlands trail condition

May 1 2011 at 5:53 PM

SamBrewer  (Login SamBrewer)
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So I was there this weekend and can confirm that at the river near the Track and Tower trail and Highlands trail intersection there is a washout for about 50 feet that needs to either be waded through or bush wacked around (about knee - waist deep). The bridge is still a dock like mentioned in the post about Faya Lake.

We started on the Head Lake loop but after arriving at head lake, the next day we were told by a group of people they were double backing because of a washout worse than the one coming in. I can't confirm this since we didn't check it out for ourselves but took their word for it and decided not to continue on the loop and to double back.

Also reporting there is quite a mess along the trail. It looks as though someone went camping not properly prepared, barely made it past the first loop and then set up camp right next to the trail after realizing there was no way they'd make it to a campsite. I have never seen coolers brought into a backpacking trail. They left a cooler, cheap Canadian tire tent, heavy blankets, tarp, rucksack etc.. scattered throughout the trail. They must have gotten rained out and panicked and fled leaving all their gear. I was going to report it to the office before I left but never got around to it. They had also left full beer cans (which I obliged to do my part for the Park and happily hauled out :P). There is also no way to haul this stuff and carry your own gear. It's all soaked and heavy.

I have pictures I'll post with a short write up this evening. We decided to cut our trip short (~25k in 2 days) but still had an enjoyable time.

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May 1 2011, 5:57 PM 

Also cool to note there were a lot of Grouse hopping about the trail. The first time I heard the drumming caused by the beating of their wings I was a little worried that there was something charging me from the forest! Until our group spotted the little culprit in the act off the trail.


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Re: Highlands trail condition

May 3 2011, 8:26 AM 

Wow Sam, I am surprised to read about the stuff littered across the trail! I am not surprised by the flooding though, the run off out of the woods and ridges had been like a overflowing river at times, flooding a lot of our paths and even washing out our driveway! Thanks for writing this , I find it really interesting and informative. I look forward to seeing your photos.

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