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Winter Camping

November 13 2013 at 11:37 AM
Garrett  (Login gspina)
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I am doing my first winter camping trip into the park in March. Any suggestions to appropriate sleeping bag to get? Would a -12 bag work or should a colder rated bag be more effective?

What sort of footwear would be best, winter hiking boots or winter snow boot?

Any tips are welcome as I am quite green to winter camping :D


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(Login glenmc)
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Re: Winter Camping

November 13 2013, 12:04 PM 

As far as sleeping bags go I am a big fan of using a fairly warm bag along with a lightweight summer bag as an overbag.

For boots, I use sturdy hiking boots for snowshoeing or obviously skiboots for skiing. My biggest preference for footware though is to have a pair of loosefitting warm booties with an overboot that I can wear around camp. Personally I use the booties from MEC along with an unlined pair of Neos overboots but there are lots of combinations. I find this to be the warmest option.

This is for coldcamping, for hot-tenting something different mught be more appropriate but I leave that to others here that know more about that.

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