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RE: Hong Kong Paneristi Christmas Party Report

January 10 2006 at 7:48 AM

A.Che  (Login A.Che)
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X'mas HK Paneristi Party on Dec 17, 2005

The 2005 X'mas HK Paneristi Party was held at the HK Football Club on Dec 17.

This time we have many overseas guests attending. We have Michael & Yvonne Hsu from Taiwan, Michael Chang from LA, George Cramer from the Netherlands and Wilson Lee & Vency from SF. We supposed to have over 50 guests attending; however, Dec 17 was also the last day of the WTO in HK. There was a riot by the South Korean farmers at the HK Island Wanchai area and almost paralysed the traffics of the whole HK island on Dec 17 from afternoon till midnight. Luckily we still managed to get 38 people showed up. Many thanks for their enthusiasm and support. You can call them die-hard Panerai fans

I have also invited Patricia Phang, Ricky Israr and Jeff Liu from the Paneria Boutique and Lean Ta-Gautier of Communication to be our guests of honours. Panerai HK Office/Boutique again very kind & generous to supply us many wondeful gifts for the evening. We have the baseball caps, t-shirts, Arktos National Geographic Atlas and the Grand Prize .... Panerai 6-watch Storage box (Worths $$$$$). I would also like to thanks Kurt (Canada) for donating the Incursore figure, Jetan for sponsoring some straps and wilson for sponsoring the Cape-Cod polishing clothes for the Lucky Draws.

I would also like to thank you Sean Li for making the venue booking for us at the HK Football Club. The food & services were simply excellent. FYI, around the WTO week in HK, almost every hotel function rooms were fully booked and charged at very high prices. Special thanks to Sean for the arrangements, we can enjoy a spacious private function room with good buffet food at reasonable price.

In addition, I have to thank Jetan for creating the HK Paneristi logo "Crazy Dali 36912 style" for us. I gave Jetan my idea of the logo and Jetan used pc software to create such logo for the HK Paneristi X'mas Party as well as the polo t-shirts.

Last but not least, I want to express thanks to Daryl for supporting and assisting me all along this preparation fo the X'mas party. Daryl is the one who negotiated with the t-shirt maker to make the HK Paneristi long-sleeves polo-tee and as well as making the special engraved HK Paneristi X'mas party coaster. I am lucky to have Daryl to help me out all along.

I have also prepared 2 special DVD for the attendants to see. One is the new Panerai 8 days in house movements P.2002 DVD and the other is the Panerai 2001 DVD showings the History, Collectiona nd Production. I have also prepared a Table Quiz with 9 questions and the winning table will get a Panerai logo baseball cap.

I am lucky that I have over 38 prizes for lucky draws and everybody went home happy with a HK Paneristi Polo T-shirt, a memorable engraved coaster and a lucky winning prize.

So let's show some scans here......

(The HK Football Club Main Entrance)

(HK Paneristi X'Mas Party Banner Stand with Everybody's Signature)

(These two pictures were taken by LA Michael Chang about the earlier WTO riot by the South Korean famers)

(We all were watching the TV live programs about the WTO riot and updating the traffic situation)

(I was doing the opening and welcome speech)

(Intoducing Michael Hsu from Taiwan)

(Intoducing George Cramer from the Netherlands)

(introducing Michale Chang from LA)

(Dinner started and People were very hungry as the dinner satrted late until 8:30pm to wait for most of the people came late because of block traffics)

More scans of people:

(Panerai team - Patricia, Ricky, Jeff and Lean with our local collector Sean Li)

(The HK Panerai Boutique team)

(Lean and Sean)

(George Cramer & Richard Hatter)

(Wilson Lee & his girlfriend Vency from SF)

(Sean Li with his new PAM214 & Jose Tan)

(Steven Chen, Joseph Yip and Brian Chan)

(Michael Chang, Daryl Tsang and Ricky Israr)

(Michael Chang and me)

(Angus Yang, Joseph Tsang and Desmond Ho)

(Jose & Ray Miura - Ray is a Japanese working in Hong Kong)

(Kit Leung & Patrick Ma)

(Joe Chan & another Jopseph Tsang)

(Bosco Ku & Alan Wong)

(Ray & Alec Yin)

(I am announcing the start of the Lucky Draw. We are so lucky to have many Panerai T-shirts, Baseball caps, Arktos Atlas, 6-watch Panerai Storage Box) from Panerai. We have the Incursore Figure from Kurt (Canda). We have Jose giving away some straps, Wilson gave away soem Cape-Cod Polisging Clothes and Daryl for some different color coasters. I have to say the lucky prizes were so wonderful and everybody at least won a prize during the Lucky Draw)

Note: Due to the block traffics, Panerai Boutique could not bring along the Arktos Atlas and the T-shirts to the Party and for the winners, they got a "rain check" to get the winning prizes from the Boutique.

(you can see that people were all warmed up for the Lucky Draw)

I am showing some of the lucky winners here:

(Doron Karlner won the prize)

(my wife Anna won)

(Alec won)

(Rajeev Pawa won)

(Richard Hatter won)

(The Incursore figure was sponsored by Kurt and David Young was the lucky winner)

(Jose won)

(Bosco won)

(Swiss banker Philippe Adler won)

(Edwin Leung won)

(Andy Yuen won the Atlas)

(Joseph Yip won the Atlas)

(Joe Chan won the Beautiful panerai 6-watch Special Storage Box, Thank you Alexandra and Patricia)

We still have 2 extra posters and one extra Banner stand available.

(Bosco Ku was one of the lucky winners of the poster)

(Terence Ho was the lucky winner of the Banner Stand. When the banner stand packed, it looks like a weapon case, hehe !!)

I have set out 9 questions for the Table Quiz. No Tables got all the answers correct. Alec Yin's table got most of the answers. Why? Alec was captured asking Ricky soem of the hints...

Everbody at the table will get a Panerai logo baseball cap. Jeff was presenting the caps to the winners.)

Now some table shots and close-up of watches...

Due to the WTO riot happened on that night, for security reasons, not so many watches were brought along to the party. Anyway, here are some watch scans to share:

We could not leave without taking the Group Photo

Thanks for looking

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2006 !!

Yours truly,

Anthony Che

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