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Geeday Mates ,,, Bugger & Ouch ,, T3 is SEXY >> Oh so U BET ,, DU >>>>

November 24 2006 at 10:53 PM

Hammer  (Login HammerHammer)
High Heid Yin
from IP address

Just a quick note to update my mates on the Thunder from Down Under

Firstly let me say that we have been overwhelmed with the out poring of wishes and cheers really at a time like this it has meant so much to my family and self

I am truly Humbled, Mates is Great , God Bless U All Brothers & Sisters ,, So Much MORE than just a Watch

Please don’t try to contact me mates just too soon ,, but when the time is right I will have a new email and will look forward to chatting with you ALL , till then just need to focus my energies on hanging TOUGH

I have to be brief as I have only just returned from Intensive Care and finding it hard to muster the strength right now to carry on , Just struggling a bit , but when the going gets tough , the tough get going ,, If Paneristi's were any Tougher ,, they'd Rust >>>> All GOOD in this hood Homie's

As you may be aware I had a serious accident jetting on the Reef last Thursday

Which has left me with some permanent disabilities, well other than those we already know about , lol

I am now a T3 Paraplegic with almost no chances for improvement but every chance for a FULL and Happy Exisistance

This is the 2nd time in my life I find myself with such a LIFE Challenge and I know that through the Grace of GOD , My Mates & Paneristi I will once again find the light and one day ,, be all that I can be , just try to stop me Babe

I will soon be moved from this surgical hospital to the ONLY Specialty Spinal Care Unit in my State for what will be at least 6 months of rehab , surgery , life skills , wheel chair racing , etc etc , albeit there is little chances for any miracles I do hope that after more surgery my condition will become stable ,,, this is my sole concern

It's all I need

As soon as I can get settled expect more updates , but know this , I am BLESSED , it was touch and go there for some time and I am so lucky to have , limited use of my arms & senses , my Heart is STRONG and my Will ,, beyond challenge

Please Mates say a prayer for my family it is they who are suffering the most

I LOVE You all and am blessed to have such Mates , Cheers Amigo's U ROCK !

Back as soon as I can ,, and NOT one Drama Cane Farmers , I have much to be HAPPY about , Life is GOOD , Rich & Full

BESIDES >>>> T3 Paraplegic's are DEAD SEXY AND ,, We get the BEST Car Parks , U Bet

Life is Grandee , Mates is Great & Panerai is my PASSION , KaKa that's all this DU Digger Needs

God Bless & Remember , Whilst it is hard to cope for me right now , the Pain seems unbearable , everything is going pear shaped >> I am a FIGHTER and will BEAT this like a Red Haired Step Child Bit of BUGGER Hey ,, But so many worse than me , Blessed , U BET I Am


Pam's , did someone say Pam's ,, Most importantly been Sporting my beloved Pam 202 Sly on wrist post op as my Grail 5218-302 was withdrawn from sale after the accident , yeah that hurt Might throw the Fiddy & King on Bling Bling 140 in to the rotation ,, Wham Bam thank you Pam Wrist is STYLING it All GOOD


GOD BLESS & KEEP US ALL Mates .................

Oh SO Much MORE than just a Watch

Cheer's & Beer's ,,, Hoo Roo Hammer

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