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A few words about real and fake in the vintage Panerai world

December 6 2009 at 2:10 PM

Volker Wiegmann  (Login VolkerWiegmann)
from IP address

Hello all,

I'd like to share/inform about what interested vintage collectors forward to me in the last weeks. I try to be on the line with the forum rules, which take a clear point against what is called "project / fake / hommage" (which I apreciate that the mods did it!)

A few days ago I was paging the owner of the original 3646 watch with the case number 260720. It was also an attemp to focus people on what's going on here and seems to increase and grow without any shame:

Beside this posting I have also published on another vintage watch forum, where interested collectors of (real) Panerai watches are at home and seem to have the same opinion like me and others who want to protect the DNA of our favourite brand.

I will repeat what I wrote there:

Creating "hommage / project watches" got into next stage in the Panerai collectors world.
Now we can find fake Rolex embossings and case numbers that exist in real. I knew that this would happen somedays. And so it was.

I received a couple of photos of a "wannabe 3646 watch" a few days ago, being asked "is this the real deal?"

I have this original watch in a database which I have built up with my collector friend and member of this forum, Ralf Ehlers.
It's not just useful to get an overview of existing watches (real ones), it also let us find "doublettes" in case some "creatives" hit a number that exists already.

The 3646 watch with the case number 260720 is known since 2004 when it was auctioned. Since then we never saw it again but we have noted all details which were available (dial version, movement type, other details etc.).

I tried to track the owner of the real watch to inform him that there is something around which is not authentic. Not successful yet, but maybe later.

After I have published this, we got note of another 3646 fake, which use a number which exist also in real, which we have also in our files: 1010222. I put both together to compare the real and the fake one.

[linked image]

There is always an argument floating around that these creatures are made only for their own pleasure, but I feel a bit worried that in the future these creatures get more and more "real" against people who don't know the difference. In these 2 specific cases the owners of the original 3646 #260720 and #1010222 might be not very happy to see their watches "cloned" (even if one embossing says 3546 it's still not funny to me). I was told from other collectors that already people bought some pieces as original and payed much more than a "hommage", which is very sad to know. At the end this is damaging the brand and their true history, which I and others want to discover, learn and protect!

To sum it up:
Fake Rolex embossing and fake case number is far more than what I saw before. This is in my personal opinion more criminal than fun.

Other references than 3646 are in the focus of these "artists" as well..., so collectors might be careful who are intersted in the "real deal". Maybe it's not the issue now, but who knows what was made in the future, when these watches changed ownerships several times.

Mods: feel free to lock or delete if it's against the rules here.


representin' the DNA of Panerai

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