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Please pay your respects to our Bob Quapaw RIP.....

December 27 2009 at 1:56 AM

Paddy  (Premier Login Kingsholm14)
High Heid Yin
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This is very hard to write but our close friend, leader and master of life Bob, passed away this morning. It is a shock to all.

A few years ago I returned a call to a Paneristi. I never really knew Bob at the time. I thought it would be easier to talk than type " whats up ". I drove for 30 mins captivated by this man and his intelligence. It started a regular regiment and I loved every call from Bob or to Bob. I always felt like he was right there, just him and me. Bob has a way of making you his only concern and making you feel special. I loved to hear of his family, his verbal and written skills and his approach to life....pure wisdom.

I am so glad that Bob and I talked yesterday. I am so glad that Bob was a part of my life. I am so glad that we can show Tammy and his family what Bob meant to us.
I would ask that we all pray for the comfort that they need.

Bob is at peace and I feel certain he will still ride with me through my day, as Im sure he will with you also. Bob will never be forgotten . How could you. I have met many great people in my life and Bob sits right up there. For that I will be ever grateful.

Bob, you are my friend, my ears, and my light. May you never fade. You reached my heart. Im honoured.

Please pay your respects and pray for Tammy and Bobs family.

Rest well Bob. I truly loved you being a part of me.

As can be seen in this photo Bob was never far apart from Bo. Bob would smile at just the mention on being with him. I would take it as a personal favour if we could watch out for Bo as well. He is truly heartbroken at losing his best friend. Thinking of you Bo.

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