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January 17 2011 at 12:37 PM

AndyH  (Login andyhunt)
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What can I say but wow!!!

No matter how many times I think that surely Panerai cannot pull off another must have offer at SIHH they go and do it again..

So much to comment here at the show so Ill try and get as much out as possible and in no particular order..

All of the watches you have seen and unfortunately nothing here for me to photograph as my camera skills are well pretty awful, however I am sure others will follow in the week who are far better photographers than myself, so I will give you what production and price info was to hand plus comments on what are my favourite pcs.

The new P3000 calibre opens up the Historic to the Manufacture division and the models look to be competitively priced

Please note that all prices are subject to change/confirmation, the prices are just current guides/thoughts so do not hold me or your dealer to book on these please

The Historics

Star of the show for most will be the PAM372 47mm.
Finally a Fiddy base but in a unique case design, think 47mm Rad case with Luminor lugs and crown guard, plexi glass it really is NICE!!
Production will be 3,000 units and this model is in the Historic collection so does appear not to be an SE, it is in the main catalogue.maybe this will change (as things sometimes do with our beloved brand eh!!)
Price whilst not confirmed is whispered at around US$10, thats euro 7,600 or GBP 6,350 at todays rates.but this may change guys

Also in the Historic we now have an entry level Logo Rad Black Seal PAM380. Initial production is slated at 2,000 pcs with a retail of around US$4,400..

Dial is all painted and not sandwich and to me a bit too busy with the 'Black Seal and the Logowould rather they lost the Black Seal and made it effectively a PAM005 dial in the Rad case.

We have a new 42mm Rad in Polished Pink Gold PAM378 so now 4 versions in that line with Steel, Ti and Brushed Pink gold options.. The PAM378 will be the same list as the PAM336

Final addition to the Historic line us is the PAM384 Ceramic 8 day Rad, expect list on this puppy to be around the US$14,700 mark and 500 pcs

In the Contemporary collection the newies are

PAM356 44mm Lum Chrono with vintage lume as the PAM359, expect the price to be circa US$8,700
PAM369 Chrono Rad in 42mm checks will be around US$7,200..

My favourite on the new Contemporary models is the PAM386 Lum Composite. Initial production is 4,000 pcs probably split over M & N years with an estimated price of US$9,300.

Onto the SEs

Using the P3000 movement is the awesome PAM373 Rad SE based on the 2533 1930s prototype.only 99 pcs (TBC) and in platinum makes this a rare bird with price to match at somewhere around the US$ 42,300 mark..
If only this was also in a steel casemaybe next year as would love to see a more affordable version on the wrists, the dial is so different and is better in the flesh than any of the images I have seen..

I have to say that I am not normally a fan of the subs but the PAM382 Bronzo is a really really nice piece. The green dial is very subtle and uses the P9000 calibre.
A point to note is as this is a brass case it will weather depending on exposure to the elements, so each individual watch will patina to a degree as per the owners use or abuse!!! Would be cool to see images in a few years of how different these things can look..
Probably 1,000 units with an expected retail of around US$10,100..

PAM376 47mm Rad White Gold Cali Dial 3 day movement, no idea on qty yet but price should be near US$27,800

PAM375 47mm 1950 Composite case, an updated Fiddy with a brown dial and expected retail of US$ 12,900 no idea on number of units yet..

PAM368 47mm Ti Luminor 8 day Destro will be approx US$15,800

PAM345 Ti 44mm Destro Monopulsante 8 day PR should be approx US$21,800

PAM371 47mm 1950 Sub Regatta in Ti, 3 day movement and GMT function will be circa US$11,600

Now off to find some lunch.

'People who use hyperbole should be shot'

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