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Define Pro? PGAPRO2006

January 30 2012 at 1:54 AM

PGAPRO2006  (Login PGAPRO2006)
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Response to Why doesn't Panerai sponsor any pro athletes??

Well let me just say, I have several sponsors, and I'm obligated to them in varying degrees. However when I choose a watch, it will be one that personally speaks to me, and not something that
I have to wear in public. You would be surprised how many athletes endorse a product, and then
do nothing but take the money and never promote it. Golf equipment Mfr's are notorious for signing
up and coming golfers, and then when they do win, or place in the top 10 bolt for the highest bidder. Me, personally, I would rather take my hard earned money and buy what I liked. Prime example was Tiger Wood's endorsement a few years ago for Tudor. Well the fact is you couldn't really get the watch in the U.S. and the deal went sour, and then he signed with Tag Heur. We all know how that ended up. Now he's back. Guess who picked him up. Rolex! A true enthusiast doesn't do it for the $$$, it's because it's a passion. Most of these Professional Athletes won't walk across the street for less than $10k, so my hat's off to Panerai, because the rest of the Richmont companies including AP, do pay, especially in Europe. IMHO.

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