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Really can't agree with the favoritism conspiracy stuff....

February 26 2012 at 11:58 PM

Micah  (Login micah249)
from IP address

Response to Agreed....selective enforcement. Simonas name edited here but Wotancraft all over above?

As a strap maker I have as much or more reason than anyone to get annoyed with shilling, supposed favoritism etc.

But really, be realistic. Editing posts is a judgement call at best for each mod, there can't be a 100% universally applicable rule that will satisfy everyone's complaints, so that leaves it up to moderator judgement calls.

And despite what people think it's not realistic that even with all the mods listed every post will be read and edited. And is that really what you want anyways?

Instead of assuming facoritism or some conspiracy theory why not look for the simplest explanation... Some posts slip through the cracks, some get edited when they shouldn't and others don't get edited when they should. It's humans at work here making judgement calls that's all, no big conspiracy.

The only realisically 100% enforceable rule is "no strap posts", again is that really what you want? Obviously I don't happy.gif


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