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Attention: Buyers in the A/C kindly beware!!!

March 14 2012 at 8:54 PM

Jiggo  (Login panerai4life)
from IP address

First of all, kindly wannna apologize if this is inappropriate but just have to share this to all risti friends of my FIRST bad experience in the A/C. Been buying selling for over hundreds of transactions and never have a problem until NOW!!!

A few days ago, I posted a WTB thread in the A/C looking for many OEM stuffs mainly displaying stuffs since I just re-decorate my office and has been inspired by many friends seeing them having displays in their offices so was finding some if possible (as you can see in the original thread)

YEP, got some reply and one of them as you can see who? offering me the Panerai Dealer Mirror, sure it was one of the items I was looking for so after a few e-mails we reached a deal. Ok done! Perfect I was happy and anxiously waiting

A few days later, the seller never send me any tracking number so tonight I e-mailed him and ask and this is the whole conversation words by words since I have them all on my BB...kindly bare with me here pls...

Me: Hi.......... Is the mirror sent? THX
Seller : Hi, no sorry not had a chance will do that Fri for you been called away with work till then...sorry

Hmmm, just a little disappointed sad.gif

Me: Man, would appreciate you sending me this asap. Thought it has been shipped since the day I PP you
Seller : NO, do you want refund?

Of course not for sth I really want so...

Me : Nah...just make sure you ship on Fri as said

so up to here I'm ok to wait for it to be shipped but surprisingly here's the reply with some FISHY smell!!!

Seller : Sorry deals off! I am refunding you, I am not your bitch. I will ship items when I can buy someone elses mirror...Thank you will refund you now!

Then out of nowhere, he then refunded me!!!

I'm like WHAT? So what does this mean? He does not have the mirror on hand but ask me to PP him so he can go find the mirror then send it to me? Is this what I'm reading???
Oh YES, I was pisssed and after many more e-mails, the guy just walked away saying only that it was refunded so go buy from someone else. GREAT!!! WELL DONE!!!


and BTW not to mention this is the same guy who bought the OEM strap for 120Usd and re-sell it a week later for 250Usd and he does not want me to call him a FLIPPER?

Sorry can't do that FLIPPER! so all kindly BEWARE!!!

Thank you all for reading and sure will be more careful on the WTB thread from now on!!!

"Time flies when you are ALIVE"
Greetings from the Land of Smiles...

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