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Very tough question to ask...

April 11 2012 at 6:53 PM

Peter Fruehling  (Login Acro-Pilot)
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At the risk of committing a major party foul...I'm going to ask anyway:

I'm relatively new to Panerai and have collected other brands for years. I have a 177 and a 114 now and have my eye one another PAM even though I have NO business purchasing three watches like this in relatively a short period of time. (I'm not a wealthy guy.)

As part of my experience with Panerai, I find myself addicted to the Paneristi community and getting to know some great people here. Between the people and the watches I'm drawn to Panerai and to Paneristi more and more every day.

The PAM that has a hold of my heart was being released as I was starting to experience Panerai for the first time. I didn't realize what it was going to take to get one from a boutique...waiting lists and all. It's the 390. Please understand, I have NO problem with someone buying and selling a piece that isn't what they thought it would be after they received it. However, it breaks my heart when I'm calling the boutiques every week trying to find a way to purchase one when many are being delivered by the boutiques and put back up for sale. I hope no one takes offence and this isn't taken the wrong way. I don't want to mess up anyone selling a 390 they don't feel connect to anymore.

I recently read that one Paneristi helped another one acquire a new 390 from a boutique and the watch didn't suit him when he finally received it. My plea is to someone who is interested in helping another member acquire a 390 that will be enjoyed for years. I'm happy to pay a "finder's fee" for the help and make it worthwhile for anyone interested in helping.

Part of my long term experience with the pieces I keep is how they came to me. (I hope this makes sense.) Knowing I purchased it on the gray market "just to get one" isn't how I want to own something that will be with me for years to come.

Again, I truly hope I have not offended anyone. I've sold many watches that weren't what I originally thought they would be. My only intent is to work with a fellow Risti that might have a way to acquire a 390 from a boutique and make sure they are compensated for the connection the make.

Sincerest Regards,

- Peter

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