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Please don't forget to check out the GTG forum, on our annual GTG in Montreal (more >>)

April 16 2012 at 6:12 PM

Aurelio S.  (Login AurelioS)
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Yes, it's not London. Yes, you would have to deal with my annoying ass. Yes, it's smack middle in the summer.

HOWEVER, my wife works at CBS, and I managed to get Dave Letterman to do a "Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Montreal This July"... ok, in case you missed it, here we go:

10) It's close by! From NYC, the flight is quicker than the security line. Or easier than getting to the upper westside. A big upside, since you won't need one of these to get there:

[linked image]

9) The event has been planned around the "Best For Laughs" comedy festival.... guaranteed to make you giggle!

[linked image]

8) Nad. C'mon! He IS the most interesting man in the world (dood on the beer commercials is just a fill in)

[linked image]

7) We've been putting Montreal GTG's together for 6 yrs running, and have become pretty good at it by now.

[linked image]

6) Fun times with friends, old and new - cant ask for much more than that ~

[linked image]

5) Chez Paris tourist maps, courtesy of Clif Watkins Productions.

[linked image]?m=1280310619

4) Serge promises everyone a "Get out of jail free" card for the weekend.

[linked image]

3) Late food runs are better when you have to try and speak French.

[linked image]

2) Nad. Yes, he's worth mentioning twice.

[linked image]

And, the #1 reason why you should go to the Montreal GTG this July:

Partying with the Sham Wow guy -- slap-chop, slap-chop, slap-chop....

[linked image]


Ok, so maybe Letterman didn't do this list himself... but they are all spot on, and it's a fun time, with things planned for the whole weekend. Enticed? Want to go? Or just looking for more dirt?

Please click on this link, for the skinny:

Hope to see you then in July!

That's how we roll...

[linked image]

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