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My D.I.D. And the answer to: why "hugewhaleshark"??!

April 22 2012 at 11:48 AM

hugewhaleshark  (Login hugewhaleshark)
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Thanks for the tag, Horace. Hope you're ready... Here goes!!!


The dream started with me, in some blue, blue water...

I've not dived in 12 years... but I still remember the calm...

[linked image]

The reef was wild!!!

[linked image]

And along came some of the ocean's most awesome creatures...

A manta ray...

I had only seen this magnificent animal once in my life, and it was on one of the last of my 170 dives...

A 12-foot wide monster accompanied by its smaller albino companion.

The backdrop, a sunken oil tanker called the Seven Skies... I will never forget it.

[linked image]

Hammerheads!!! I've been lucky with hammerheads. Seen them a couple of times.

[linked image]

And what else? A HUGEWHALESHARK!!!

And that's the reason for my nick. Never seen one before. One day I will... one day.

[linked image]

What an awesome beast.

[linked image]

My computer's beeping. WHAT THE???!!! 7 bar left!!!

[linked image]

Ahh, back to the surface. Hey. Wait...

Houston we have a problem. Every diver's nightmare! WHERES THE BOAT???!!!

[linked image]

Luckily there was this inviting island nearby that I could fin leisurely to...

[linked image]

The beach was nice

[linked image]

And accommodations were not too shabby

[linked image]

And so I took stock of my belongings... I had only 10 items with me.

2 watches

My 1A.

Because it reminds me of my Brother, Jimmy. Thank you for entrusting me with this awesome watch.

[linked image]

And my DGK.

Because it reminds me of my Brother ZZ, a man with very good taste in Shocks!!!

[linked image]

2 songs

A song which have gotten me through all the sh!t in the world. Which reminds me of what's really important.

And a song which reminds me of my Brother, Gabriel. A wonderful tune, perfect for thinking of loved ones, or staring into the night sky, or at nature's wonders!

1 book

The best-selling book ever. I was never a religious man, but I'll have enough time on the island to work on that, I think...

[linked image]

1 movie

The one which gave me one of the quotes I live my life by.

And a real lesson in determination.

[linked image]

1 photograph

[linked image]

(I've been dying to use that pic though!)

Here's the one.

The most beautiful family a man can have.

[linked image]

1 memory

TC: So, where do you live, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Clover Way
TC: Hey, I lived there in my childhood. Wait... don't tell me...
Jimmy: You're THAT Terence???
TC: You're THAT Jimmy???

And that's how friends lost for more than 30 years met over a silly oversized watch.

Am blessed to call you guys my Bros.

1 meal

A humble and simple meal... comfort food that I could eat everyday.

Singapore-style Hainanese chicken rice

[linked image]

But what's a meal without the water of life?

This Clynelish will do nicely. happy.gif

[linked image]

1 person


How about this guy? He'd certainly come in useful!

[linked image]

But I need someone for the SOUL!!!

How about my darling Jia-Hui. How you have blossomed.

When she was young we were so worried she'd be autistic. But now, she could charm any stranger off his feet.

[linked image]

Or my wife Lay Choo. I owe you so much. Without you, I would not be what I am, have what I have.

[linked image]

But no. On this island, it would be my first-born, Xin-Hui. You are truly a gift from above.

[linked image]



If you have made it so far, thanks for reading! I will tag someone from the comments list for next week.

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"Aiyah Panerai, buay beh liao eh lah." / Singapore

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