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April 24 2012 at 9:56 PM
Kevin  (Login isotherm1)
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Hello All

First time posting here although coming to this wonderful site almost daily basis since 2007.I've had Pam 177 since 2007 and I've been in love with brand ever since. However, I've been somewhat frustrated lately by the fact that although I've been on the waiting list for 417, then 390 since the announcement, I never got a call from the Boutique whereas I do see someone got so lucky enough receiving both models. To make it worse,I do see many flippers selling their BNIB 390 or 417 in the CM section for quick profits. I have no problem of people selling what they have, but these models do carry long waiting lists and I feel like I've been cheated. I've made several calls to NY Boutique to try to find out if I would be the lucky one, but only response was "These are the limited version and blahblahblah..." and sometimes they asked me to leave my name and number so that someone would return to me later, but not a single call ever recieved.
So Now, I reach the point where I'm asking myself - Is this brand so worth or important for me to beg a merchant (Panerai) to sell me their piece at a full retail? It's like one-way love story where you are in love with someone but the another party don't give a S***about you. Am I the only one feel this way?

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