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A re-introduction....

May 12 2012 at 7:37 AM

Charlie Wilbur, Northern Virginia  (Login chaswilbur)
from IP address

It's been a long time since I've posted a brand new thread on Paneristi. I've strayed away from this site as of late for many reason, including a disenchanement with Panerai the corporation.

However, as I've taken recent stock of my life, it's hard to imagine it without the friends I have made directly from this site, as well as indirectly. We're talking close friends I hope to have the rest of my life. Friendships that have transcended Panerai watches, as well as watches in general. Just today I had lunch with a fantastic, generous, kind man who I would have probably never had the opportunity to have met had it not been for this very website.

So, with all of that being said, I'd like to introduce myself to the people who have joined this community in the past couple of years who I have not had the pleasure of chatting or meeting face to face with.

I live outside Washington D.C. I have two fabulous daughters, a failed marriage, 3 rescue dogs, and 2 rescue cats. I have loved watches since I was at least 5 and received a manual wind Timex from my Dad who has a clock guy. Built, fixed and admired them his entire life. I knew about Black Forrest Coo Coo Clocks before we ever had a talk about the birds and the bees.

Watches are probably the only think in my life consumer product wise this is "high end". I can admire a good pen, but don't have the love. I have a ridiculous nice pair of Alden boots, but only because a good friend (one met indirectly through this site) gave me a gift card to put towards them. I actually feel pretty silly when somebody comments on them. I have ZERO appreciation for good wine, I have some crazy great scotch, most of which are gifts. Yet I really drink good old rot gut bourbon more often than anything else. I'm not a car guy at all, but I am BLESSED to have owned THREE of my dream cars.. 2002, 2006 and most recently, 2011 Honda Element. How many people can look out their window and see the one and only car they love sitting there? happy.gif

I constantly prove the way to make a small fortune on watches is to first start with a large fortune. I was always a one watch kind of person until my life sort of exploded. Once I started over again, I have bounced all over the damn place regarding watches, and how many I've owned. I have bought, sold, bought and sold many a specific watch. I love any and all watches from Audemars to Xemex, Automatic, to Solar. I have even started liking titanium watches, and maybe even a brown strap or two. The only watches I steer clear of are "jewelry" watches..

Although I've made a ton of friends here, I am always open to new ones. However, keep in mind, I'm pretty low class, and do not polish up well at all. I believe that when I hear a man bost about his virtue, the more I want to count the silverware. If you're a decent man who treats others well, and does not judge a person by anything but how they treat others, We have a shot to be great friends.

That's about it for now, I'll close with this..

My Name is Charlie Wilbur, and I'm a watchaholic..

Here is a photo that sort of sums me up nicely. Taken tonight, as the sun was setting, and the temps were dropping into a zone I love, COLD. With me are two companions, one flesh and blood, the other mechanical. The flesh and blood one will sit next to me on a bench for hours on end. In fact, "Bench" in actually in his vocabulary, I say it anywhere we're walking, and he'll find one, jump up on it, and claim it as his own.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, nice to meet some of you new people..

Oh, and I am without a doubt one of this worst photographers you will ever meet.

This photo was taken with my dumb phone (177 on a Jules Verne.. Don't ask me the series, I don't know, don't care. It's from 2007 I believe happy.gif )

[linked image]

Charlie Wilbur
WAG MORE Bark Less!

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