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I love my 372 -- but this is what brung me to the dance...

May 16 2012 at 3:10 PM

cosmicmike  (Login cosmicmike)
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Been a Panerai fan for over 10 years, but it really wasn't until 2006 that I truly fell in love with the pure simplicity of the base model. I bought the 183G when it first came out, because I liked the idea of having a Rad in my collection -- and it was (and still is) a great watch. But I soon found myself back with a more complicated model (like my trusty 27). Then, in 2006 Panerai introduced the 249 and 232. While everyone was enamored with the 249, I couldn't get past the Roman numerals. Just too tricked out for me. I was kind of interested in the 232, but wasn't sure about the brown dial. Then I walked into my local AD. Believe it or not, they had three 232s in stock. The minute I tried it on, I knew it was right. There was something so simply perfect in the design. It was just sublime. I must admit the the 372 and my 360 get most of my wrist time. But, every time I pull out my "38 Special" I'm reminded that -- when all the bells and whistles are stripped away -- the true greatness of Panerai lies in the fact that in its most basic of form it is as close to a perfect watch as (at least) I could ever imagine.

(my 232 -- on my wrist today -- bumps, bruises and all)

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