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That was easy! 372 incoming - my story...

May 31 2012 at 2:55 PM
Julius  (Login jmridgway)
from IP address

With all the talk of painfully long waits and "getting the call", I was somewhat surprised when I walked into the NYC boutique two weeks ago (between meetings on a business trip) and asked if they had a 372 I could look at, they said sure! In fact, they had three that I know of, as I was looking at one while another customer tried on another, then I noticed yet another in the window as I was leaving. That was easy...

I was even more surprised that I actually liked it on my scrawny 6" wrist! Yes, it covers my whole wrist and some might think it looks ridiculous, but to my small-wristed brethren who are afraid to step up, whether or not you can "pull it off" is really up to you! Objectively speaking, it is lighter and much thinner than the tall 243 I was wearing at the time, so it sits flatter on the wrist and is therefore less top-heavy and IMHO more comfortable to wear!

Fast forward two weeks and I hadn't stopped thinking about it and wondered if I wanted it bad enough to part with two 44mm PAMs to fund it, and of course the answer was YES. So I called the boutique to see if they still had any (gulp) and the answer was OF COURSE! Well that was easy too...

So here I sit in Madison, MS, hundreds of miles from the nearest AD, never mind boutique, having never bought a Panerai any way other than second hand, never been on any list, and in 24 hours I will be the very proud new owner of a 372.

Maybe it's just too much of the Kool-Aid that I actually think it looks good on me and can pull it off, and maybe in a few weeks or months I will post it for sale saying it's just too big for my skinny wrist, but for now I'm going to enjoy the MOST iconic of modern PAMs!

There are two morals to this long and boring story:

1) They are out there and available and they ain't that hard to find. If you want one, call a boutique and don't let your local AD dupe you into thinking you have to wait six months just because they don't have one and want the sale.

2) I don't care how small your wrist is. Try it on. If you like it, yours is the only opinion that matters.

Thanks for reading!

Julius Ridgway
Madison, MS

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