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OT ** Buben & Zorweg Timemover Carbon Vantage 4 Watch Winder Review

June 8 2012 at 7:59 AM

Jordan  (Login jordan_n)
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Good morning (for those in GMT timezone) thought Ill do a quick take on my new gadget that I just received from Germany. Its my first review but I couldn't find many reviews on this winder so I thought it may be a useful guide for anyone contemplating getting one.

Now I know that there are 2 major school of thought regarding watch winders, first being that its a pointless waste of time and useless which is completely valid to be honest. The other major school or "justification" in getting one is that it will wind the watch continuously, meaning it will prevent the oil drying up, and keep the watch always ready to wear happy.gif I fall into the 2nd school of thought, but to be honest, I just wanted a cool looking gadget to display some of my watches.

So the model I got was the Time Mover Carbon Vantage 4 which has the carbon inserts and looks awesome. So below is my quick review:

Packaging: 10/10

Obviously for an item of this calibre and price, you would expect it to be packaged superbly and it is.

[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]

It comes in a nice Black Box and apart from the actual units, it comes with a pair of gloves, YES a pair of gloves, manuals, guarantee cards (just like you get with a watch), and an AC adaptor.

No real complaints in this regard.

Build Quality: 9/10

[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]

It has a very high gloss lacquer finish, apparently 10 layers and this particular model comes with a carbon inlay. The inside is lined in super smooth velour black. It operates either by the AC mains OR via 4 size D batteries. The motor is extremely quiet, if you open the lid, you can hear it if you put your ears close to it, but if you close it, its pretty much silent. Very smooth movement of the winding. Now I took a point off because maybe this was an ex-display model, there was some dust inside which I cleaned but no biggie, but it didn't feel MINTY MINT if you know what i mean.

Functionality: 8/10

Well I can't put it any more simply, it just winds your watches. However there are 3 modes you can use, SPEED, SLEEP, AUTO. Speed, as its names suggest allows you to wind your watch quickly, it will rotate your watch continuously for 1 hour. You can set the rotations quite precisely, so you have different settings. IF you wanna know the actual rotations, its 900 revolutions per day/38 per hour, 650/27, 1800/75, are the options you can choose. Sleep mode allows you to have a gap of up to 16 hours to make sure the main springs are protected and releases tension. So you can set up a time which the winder follows. So you can wind your watch while you sleep, but it will also sleep too. I took off 2 marks as you cannot set the winders separately. I.e. it goes in blocks of 4, so if you get the 4 watch box, you have 1 setting for the entire case. If you had 8, you can have 2 separate settings, vice versa. It would have been to be able to control each watch separately, but maybe thats asking for too much!

I hope it wasn't too boring and apologies for the really poor photos, I really lack talent and any knowledge in that area sad.gif Hope it was useful for someone looking for a winder but please ask any questions, and hopefully I can answer them!

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