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not that hard to understand

August 3 2012 at 2:21 PM
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Response to Curious about 372 impact on 127 value

compare almost any current Ferrari or Porsche w/ one of the classics. the classics are slower, have some rust or other issues, less reliable, trouble finding parts,very expensive service, have inferior or no air conditioning, etc. but many sell for multiples of the current models. scarcity, retention of value, collector interest, are only 3 of many reasons. if you don't feel it you will only buy a new car, fortunately there are those that choose the classics and maintain their originality so that others of us, who can't afford to buy them or for some other reason don't, can enjoy looking at them. if you have the chance, go to monterey/carmel california this month to the car activities there. there are many parallels between the classics cars and classic watches that are even more evident there.

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