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To me value means.............................

February 3 2013 at 12:06 AM

Marcus  (Login DanRan05)
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Response to Semi ot....which brand do you think presents the best value!

to be able to get a looker of a watch without breaking the bank, and not having to worry about where I wear my watch, be it in a pisser at some bar across from Comerica Staduim or just standard yard work. I feel that Seiko is a brand that has stood the test of time, (no pun intended), you can get one anywhere from $90.00 US to $7,900.00 US. And the brand covers from entry level all the way to Grand Seiko.

Here is my current collection.....................

Panerai Luminor Marina 111

Omega Seamaster on s/s bracelet Large 45.5mm

Helson Bronze Shark Diver

Hamilton Pilot 46mm

Debaufre Marine Master 47mm (Not water resistant)

Seiko Frankenmonster

Seiko Monster

Seiko Dive Watch older model, off hand forgot the numbers

The Panerai I wear on special occasions or to really chill and lay back, it gives me a more than fuzzy feeling inside.

The Omega is also worn on special occasions and when I feeling like kicking back.

The Bronze Helson I usually wear if I'm in a grunge mood. Low cut Red Wing shoes, worn jeans with the black t-shirt that has holes under the armpits, where the top of the pocket is ripped a little and the black on the t-shirt is really starting to fade.

The Hamilton Pilot is my core watch for my vast assortment of multi colored nato and zulu straps, those straps rock this watch. I usually wear the Hamilton when I have my favorite t-shirt and nice looking jeans on, Carhartt jeans work well with me when deciding which watch to wear.

On to the Seiko watches, before I get distracted. I love these watches for thier mere visual appearance along with quality and on the table value. I do not make "Bu Cu" bucks, so I can't afford to wear my 111 cutting grass or walking the dog down a dark alley @ 3am. If I do damage to one of my Seikos (and I mean major damage) I just begin to shop for another without breaking the bank. Don't get me wrong I love my Panerai and Omega, but to me it just doesn't make any sense to wear these kind of brands while weeding or if I'm in an enviroment that could cause me problems (meaning getting held up or robbed, and yes it happens. The Helson Bronze is also another wonderful watch, I probably will never make a wiser choice than I have as with this watch. For me I have to be in a certain mood, I also have to be dressed a certain way, and when I do it all comes together.

The Seiko brand seems to fit my lifestyle in a more casual and relaxed way.
The Seikos are game changers, I can wear one model with a dress shirt and the same model if I want to do some work outside. I can't tell you how accurate they are. With all of the websites out there you can even modify a Seiko to your own taste, be it the dial, the hands, the material of the case, the crown, the bezel, the strap. Now tell me what other watch brand out there allows you to have these kinds of choices for thier watches? (I thought that you might say that).

All in all, I like the Seiko brand for the value, appeal and selection, not to mention the accuracy as I mentioned.

To sum this all up, I would like to say one final thing. "Don't spinn your wheeles", what I mean is don't just settle for one watch brand and one only, there are many, many fine watch brands out there, learn to recognize them and appreciate them. Be true to yourself before being true to the brand.

I do hope that I have been helpful and wish you well with your journey of this madd, madd world of watch collecting. It has given me countless hours of pleasure as I do look forward to many, many more.

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