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My 2014 SIHH adventure (click only if you have time to read to the end, LOL!) >>>>

January 31 2014 at 3:43 PM

Nad  (Login nadh3n)
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....and follow-up trip to Munich!

I had the pleasure to be invited to SIHH:

photo L1080052.jpg

....and I was also lucky enough to meet up with my good friend Christian (aka Holly):

photo L1080053.jpg

photo L1080096.jpg

Taking a break between presentations.....................

photo L1080102.jpg

I hung around here a lot during the four days that I was at the show !

photo L1080130.jpg

photo L1080131.jpg

With Ricky, Boutique Manager at HK Prince's Building in Central:

photo L1080134.jpg

With Christian:

photo L1080137.jpg

I attended the Gala evening of another watch brand with an underwater theme!

photo L1080227.jpg

photo L1080228.jpg

photo L1080236.jpg

photo L1080237.jpg

photo L1080238.jpg

With Mr. Ambassador Yu Jianhua from the Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China to the World Trade Organization:

photo L1080226.jpg

With Oifae Houssa, GVA IWC Boutique Manager, my host for the evening, "merci Oifae"!!

photo L1080231.jpg

With Nico Rosberg, German racing driver for the Mercedes Formula One team:

photo L1080241.jpg

I was back at the show the next day for my Panerai presentation.

Respecting this year's policy, I did not take any photos of the new releases but you all know them very well by now!

I must say that the "consolidation" of this year's models to the 8-day in-house movement is a great strategy for the future of Panerai. Some of the Special Editions are not too shabby either (can you say "1940 WG Minerva"????!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to thank Giacomo Cinelli, Brand Manager for Italy, for a great presentation.....grazie mille!!!!

I had the pleasure to meet and chat with Mr. Carlo Ceppi, European Sales Director. Although it was brief, it was great to have a conversation with him, and his enthusiasm & passion for watches and Panerai is evident!

It was also nice to see Valentina Bonciani, Manager of the Panerai Four Seasons Boutique in Florence at SIHH.

photo L1080279.jpg

Here are a few sights of Geneva:

photo L1080302.jpg

photo L1080303.jpg

photo L1080306.jpg

photo L1080309.jpg

photo L1080311.jpg

photo L1080312.jpg

It was finally time to leave Geneva..............

photo L1080471.jpg

photo L1080480.jpg

photo L1080482.jpg

....and arrive in Munich !

First order of business.....lunch at my favorite place................

photo L1080486.jpg

With Christian:

photo L1080485.jpg

Great beer.....

photo L1080488.jpg

The best N├╝rnberger bratwurst:

photo L1080489.jpg

Christian told me this was a "healthy meal", what do you think??????!!!!

photo L1080490.jpg

As is customary with my annual visits to Munich, we spent some time after lunch in the Davidoff Room at the Kampinsky:

photo L1080491.jpg

photo L1080493.jpg

photo L1080496.jpg

....where we were later joined by Marcel Rossner, General Manager for Panerai Northern Europe:

photo L1080497.jpg

This little R&R break was followed by a Boutique visit:

photo L1080498.jpg

Josefine, vielen dank for the invitation and the warm welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo L1080499.jpg

John & Rupert:

photo L1080500.jpg

John, Rupert, Andreas, & Marcel:

photo L1080505.jpg

Christian, Me, Ralf, Frank, & Josefine:

photo L1080507.jpg

With John, Rupert, Andi, Marcel, Me, and a new Risti friend Martin:

photo L1080512.jpg

photo L1080515.jpg

photo L1080516.jpg

Marcel is taking us through the 2014 releases:

photo L1080520.jpg

He had all our attention:

photo L1080522.jpg

photo L1080521.jpg

Here's something I hadn't seen before..............

photo L1080524.jpg

After the Boutique visit, it was time for dinner and a toast.............CHEERS!

photo L1080526.jpg

photo L1080528.jpg

photo L1080529.jpg

photo L1080531.jpg

Dessert is served with a ringing cow-bell and sparklers (you really have to be there to appreciate it!!!!!)

photo L1080533.jpg

photo L1080536.jpg

Love cotton candy!!

photo L1080538.jpg

photo L1080540.jpg

After almost a week of fun, it was time for some work.

On my way to the ISPO fair:

photo L1080542.jpg

photo L1080543.jpg

photo L1080544.jpg

photo L1080557.jpg

Munich sights:

photo L1080545.jpg

photo L1080546.jpg

photo L1080547.jpg

photo L1080548.jpg

photo L1080549.jpg

photo L1080550.jpg

photo L1080551.jpg

photo L1080576.jpg

photo L1080577.jpg

photo L1080578.jpg

photo L1080581.jpg

photo L1080582.jpg

photo L1080583.jpg

photo L1080587.jpg

photo L1080588.jpg

photo L1080589.jpg

photo L1080590.jpg

photo L1080591.jpg

photo L1080592.jpg

photo L1080593.jpg

My last night in Munich with some friends!

PAM 448:

photo L1080595.jpg

PAM 448 & 249:

photo L1080596.jpg

photo L1080597.jpg

With Rainer, Andreas, and Me, cheers:

photo L1080598.jpg

Love this money-clip:

photo L1080601.jpg

photo L1080602.jpg

The next morning it was time to head home, finally after 10 days.......phew!!!!!


photo L1080605.jpg

The Senator Lounge:

photo L1080607.jpg

photo L1080606.jpg

At FRA for my connection:

photo L1080609.jpg

photo L1080610.jpg

photo L1080611.jpg

Thanks for taking the time to read to the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed it.



Montreal, Canada

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