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March 8 2016 at 8:57 PM

PDay XV 2016 Berlin organization team  (Login pday2016berlin)
from IP address

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Hi fellow Ristis & M8s,

On behalf of the organizers of PDay 2016 in Berlin, it’s our pleasure to announce registration is open!

"Panerai brings the world together" – in that spirit, we can’t wait to welcome everyone in Berlin this October.

It’s time for some m8s is great, many Yogi, Ride, wrist and serious shots wink.gif in Berlin! ... So much more than just a watch happy.gif ... Oh, and the list of potential Asshat nominees is already quite long wink.gif

Let’s go: Here’s some information:

1. Registration E-Mail

The registration email account is:

You may register for more than one person at a time.

Please kindly note that we can not take registrations via any other e-mail account or any other communication channels.

Apologies for the amount of information we have to provide wink.gif) at this stage. But since attendance will be limited, we try to provide as much information as we can at this time already.

We have chosen and reserved a hotel where can accommodate all attendees of PDay, and thus, we’d like to ask all Ristis attending this year’s PDay a favor: Please book at our PDay hotel!!

We are really keen to follow the tradition of the previous PDays in Germany to have everyone stay at the same hotel.

We will pass on the information (and hotel booking password) about the hotel to all confirmed attendees.

The hotel really central, very close to Saturday’s main event and it will be the starting point to our events on Friday evening and also Saturday afternoon. We’ll be able to meet and hang out there in between events as well – also a nice tradition wink.gif.

We managed to get very good rates for the rooms from 6-10 October (Thursday to Monday) – so please feel free to use our special rate for as many of those four nights as you wish.

Also, we recommend considering double occupancy!! The room rates start at 89 Euro for a single-room and 99 Euro per room/night for a double-room, including breakfast and free WiFi!

Hey, that’s less than 50 Euro per night and person – sounds good? Well, it is!

Superior rooms are 119 Euro, just saying.

2. Event Date and Time

Keeping up with the tradition, the main evening will be Saturday, 8 October 2016.

But rest assured, it’s not going to be a one-day-event at all.

Instead, we decided to combine Friday and Saturday into one package, i.e. 7-8 October 2016.

There will also be side-events on Thursday as well as on Sunday. Those will be disclosed at a later stage depending on the number of interested Ristis.

Our aim is to have a PDay week/weekend during which we spend as much time together in the group as possible! Community rules! That’s the spirit.

The exact program covered by our registration fee will be disclosed after confirmation, but here’s a rough overview (exact times subject to change):


That’s going to be our “club” day – we will meet early evening at the hotel and then head to a club, exclusively reserved for us; including all snacks & all drinks (beer, wine, long drinks, softs, coffee...) from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. (6 a.m.?? – yes, right!!)


- Late morning/afternoon: There is going to be a sightseeing boat ride for all, starting at around 11 a.m. or noon.

- Evening: We will meet at about 7.30 p.m. and walk to the venue of the main event. We have reserved the venue until 2 a. m in the morning; including, dinner, snacks and again all drinks! - ... and since this is Berlin – we can prolong by the hour for a small extra fee or decide to re-locate to the hotel bar.

We will disclose the locations of the event as well as the hotel information only to confirmed attendees.

Important: We can’t split the package, please kindly understand. But please let us know if you can’t attend one of the scheduled events on Friday/Saturday.

3. Payment Process

The registration fee for PDay 2016 will be payable within 10 days following our confirmation. Confirmed attendees will receive a confirmation email including all required payment information.

For payment we set up a dedicated account to avoid any payment fees.

Please use the information we will provide in our confirmation email and make sure that all bank charges are covered by the paying party. As soon as we have received payment, we will provide you with the booking password for the hotel so that you can book your room(s) there.

4. Registration Fee

The Registration Fee for PDay 2016 is EUR 280.

This covers
• a) Friday night at the club (all drinks from 8 p.m. – 6 a.m.!! plus some snacks);
• b) exclusive sightseeing boat ride on Saturday afternoon;
• c) Saturday evening: dinner, BBQ and all drinks from 8 p.m. – 2 a.m.);
• d) an ultra-cool event t-shirt as well as other surprises; and
• e) tons of fun & good times

5. Other Information Required

In your registration email, we will also require some information like your, e-mail address, login name, mobile phone number, full name and address of all parties included in your registration request. If you are asking someone else to register for you, please provide them with this data as they will not be able to complete the registration without it.

6. Accommodation

As stated above, we are very excited that we have found and reserved a hotel for as many of us as possible, possibly even everyone, depending on the number of ristis sharing a room. We will disclose the name of the hotel and all terms in our confirmation emails. We apologize that it has become impractical to respond to individual queries on accommodation, and ask that you wait for our e-mail on this.

7. Communication

Please use our dedicated email address for all communications. This will help us a lot!! It’s

We will not take registrations via other e-mail addresses.

Following this post, we will keep registration open and collect registration emails.

There will be 2 emails after your registration:

1) A response email stating receipt of your registration request - this will be sent as soon as possible, i.e. within approx. one week.

2) A confirmation email for confirmed attendees. Those emails are expected to be sent to you after approx. 2-3 weeks. Should we receive more registrations than available spots, we will certainly open a waiting list.

P.S. Special thanks to everyone who's been offering and providing assistance and support, in particular to our man from Down Under, Frank Franzese!

Cheers guys… see you in Berlin & stay safe and happy!

Oliver, Mario, Hagen & Christian!!!

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[linked image] PDay XV 2016 Berlin - 6 - 9 October, 2016

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