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March 11 2017 at 2:20 AM
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Hello all! I have just recently bought 2 brand new Panerai - the 1392, and the 48. Both are awesome - if the 1392 was 300m rated, it would be a watch I would refuse to take off (that's what I thought), so I bought it knowing it was going to be beautiful, and that it might be more of a dress watch. I am an "Omega Guy" and I just love the feeling of having an overbuilt watch. I have taken my Omegas swimming snorkeling etc, and even if I did dive, I would never need the capabilities, like I said, I like the confidence that an overbuilt watch instills.

Well - I have not taken the 1392 off since I received it. Then, because I wanted a "dive watch" of Panerai's, I got the 48. I got the 1312, and it was just too big, even though plenty of youtube video bloggers suggest a 44mm fits fine on a 7+ inch wrist. I am about 7.25 inches in wrist circumference, and compared to the 1392, the 1312 looked silly to me regardless of what you can "pull off". the 42mm wears bigger than my 43.5mm omega master chronometer planet ocean and GMT planet ocean. It is still a perfect fitting watch, although its presence on my wrist is as big as I would go in any watch in the "how it wears" department. The black alligator and the face just exude class and sport at the same time, and it is definitely a tuxedo watch in my book.

The 40mm wears smaller than the 43.5mm omegas I have and a little bulkier than my 42mm planet oceans.

All that said, the difference in the sportiness of the 40mm is remarkable, although no less beautiful and classy.

I am very excited about both watches. I love the in-house factor of the 1392, and its sleekness, and it can withstand really whatever I would need it for water wise.

I love the solid feel of the 48, and the fact that it is dive rated. It was important for me to have a Panerai dive watch even though it took me 2 watches to achieve all levels of my desired Panerai experience. Now that I have them both, I am glad I have 2 examples of Panerai that go great on my wrist.

I would love a 42mm dive rated Panerai, and unless older collector models exist, I could not find one.

Interesting they skip over the 42mm dimension with 300m rating when 40mm has it and the slightly larger 1312 has it.

I will enjoy them both for, hopefully, life and pass them on lovingly.

I am very happy to be the owner of such fine watches bought through legitimate dealer channels with all original papers, etc, etc...

Fascinating company history as well.

Also, I am one of the guys that does not understand some of the outspoken and nose upturning to these "smaller" Panerai. For me, they fit perfectly with my overall physique 5-9 and 160lbs and how I personally like to have watches proportioned to my body and clothes that I wear. I would feel comfortable wearing both watches with a t-shirt and flip flop or a suit with no overt attention drawn to size.

I also like the fact that where I live, not many people even recognize an Omega for what it is, and much less so a Panerai. I like the watches for what they are, and what they represent from both craftsmanship-integrity and historical perspectives, I buy good knives and good cowboy boots for the same reason.

I look forward to learning more, although I will be happy with these 2 bought within 10 days of each other for a loooonnnggg while!

See you all around.


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