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Need help w/ these straps please>>>

March 15 2017 at 4:43 PM

from IP address

Came across these two straps while digging through one of my old boxes. I think they might be Dirk 1st gen but not sure. If i remember correctly i got these around 2002-2004 time period. Both are 24mm shark w/ sewn in OP buckles. Just wanted to get some others input to confirm thats what these are. Thanks for the help and sorry for such crappy pix.

photo 91638F37-75C2-4D0B-B3B6-4B701AD30D21.jpg

photo DB02EF0E-7A41-4D7A-B1AC-AD85EAEBD7C0.jpg

photo 1DD372D1-D5B8-4660-8DAC-D17D1A4C6B57.jpg

photo CA40A9D8-5D9A-46A0-8300-BD2D43F4D921.jpg

photo 31804D95-1877-46EF-B2F3-6BE175A34A3A.jpg

photo FCA3A897-AC37-4EE3-8E64-777D652B8C2A.jpg

photo EEE78F9C-18DB-4909-A1E8-598B1BE99C26.jpg

photo E9CADBE3-2E02-460E-BFAD-92240D79233C.jpg


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